Evil Geniuses sweeps Team Liquid 3-0, securing first LCS final appearance cover image

Evil Geniuses sweeps Team Liquid 3-0, securing first LCS final appearance

Evil Geniuses will now face 100 Thieves in the grand-final, with a shot at attending MSI 2022.

Evil Geniuses put their name in the LCS record books after clean sweeping Team Liquid 3-0. This win punched their ticket to their first-ever LCS grand finals. Monstrous performances from EG's young stars saw off the veteran side. EG will now play 100 Thieves in the grand final this evening.

Game one: Danny penta kill steals game one away from TL

It has been well documented that an added factor in this LCS finals weekend is the experience of playing on the big stage from the side of Team Liquid. Santorin noted in his post-series scrum last week that he felt Team Liquid has the advantage. Danny was feeling the nerves early as he gave up an uncharacteristic first blood at level 3.

Both teams would trade kills back and forth with the game primarily being played in the top lane. Evil Geniuses had the favorable match up with Impact playing Aatrox into Bwipo's Shen. EG made sure to press that advantage and garner a big lead for the Aatrox.

Although EG were the team with the gold lead, TL was the one in control of the dragons. This would play out similarly to EG's best-of-five against Cloud9. Although TL would have the drakes, EG was always playing from a position of strength.

A big team fight victory for Team Liquid would see TL gain control and start-up the Baron. What would happen next will go down as one of the best moments in LCS history. With the Baron ticking down below 1000, the Baron would level up, taking the health bar above the 900 smite damage. At the same time Santorin would smite as in real-time he reacted to when the Baron was below 900. Danny was able to steal the buff and pick up yet another Penta kill.

From this monstrous play Team Liquid had no answer to Evil Geniuses. From potentially being down a game to be 1-0 up, this was the start that EG needed.

Game two: EG's relentless aggression puts them 2-0 up

Evil Geniuses put themselves up 2-0 in this best-of-five and are just one game away from making it to their first-ever LCS final. The game started off on the best foot possible for EG, TL secured first blood but EG struck back with four quick kills of their own.

It felt like history was repeating itself, Team Liquid were in control of the dragons come the midway point of the game but had to be wary of Evil Geniuses terrifying Yasuo + Diana comp. Come to the 20-minute mark TL had just under a 2k gold lead, which wasn't enough to break the game in their favor with the scaling power on the side of EG.

Team Liquid was able to secure themselves a Baron after a steal from Santorin but would pay a price for it. Inspired and Jojopyun combo'd nicely their two ultimates to ensure TL was left badly bruised after securing Baron. At the 24th minute, a fight would break out that would see Evil Geniuses claw back the 4k gold lead TL had accrued for themselves.

The game was ultimately decided at the Elder Dragon fight. Miraculously Bwipo and Team Liquid were able to steal yet another major objective. This would be in vain however as EG still won the fight and the game.

Game three: EG sets date with 100 Thieves after 3-0 sweep

It would be game, set and match to Evil Geniuses. The young North American roster would close out game three and ensure they return the next day to take on 100 Thieves. In what seemed to be the theme of every game, Team Liquid would race out to an early lead with some aggression in the top lane.

For the first time, in this series, Evil Geniuses would be able to secure the first dragon of the game. An objective that has been heavily contested by Team Liquid the entire series. A blood bath of a team fight at the dragon pit at 15 minutes saw EG take a resounding lead.

Inspired is back to his LEC MVP form, and it has come at the right time for Evil Geniuses. The side looked directionless for the majority of the regular season, but come to the playoffs they have been another breed, dropping just the one game to FlyQuest in the lower bracket.

In probably the most controlled game of the series, EG would get too far ahead for TL to deal with them. EG would end up taking the Baron and eventually the nexus. Evil Geniuses will now take to the LCS stage tonight as they face 100T.

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