“I’m pretty satisfied with the fact we were able to get a win this time around and played better than expected”: T1 Faker on the 22-minute victory over EDG

Nia Quinn

Nia Quinn

T1 are off to a strong start at Worlds 2022, taking down their LPL rival in just 22 minutes.

The LCK/LPL rivalry took centre stage once more, on day one of the group stage at Worlds 2022. T1 Esports faced up against Edward Gaming Hycan (EDG) in the first match of the LCK vs LPL match of groups; both teams entered the New York arena ready to do their regions proud.

All eyes were on T1 to repeat the earlier win from third seed LCK representative Damwon Gaming Kia (DWG KIA) who took down G2 Esports, and to mirror this success against EDG.

And mirror the success they did.

In under 23 minutes - the second fastest game in the tournament.

"I'm pretty satisfied with the fact we were able to get a win this time around and played better than expected (...) I'm feeling extra better I think the chances are pretty good"

Faker in the post match interview following the 22 minute victory over EDG

EDG off the back of Worlds 2021 success

For the LPL representative, this was the first match they would be playing on the international stage, following the LPL being represented (and won) by RNG at MSI 2022. Having won the previous World 2021 – beating DWG KIA and T1; all eyes were on the team to see if they could pick up their first win of the tournament and prove why they had won the title from the LCK. But more importantly, replicate this success to secure the start of another year of LPL wins.

For T1, the EDG game was a matchup they had been waiting for. A chance to repeat their success of beating EDG in groups at Worlds 2021 (1-1 in group B matches); and similarly to other LCK teams, bring glory back to the region.

The LCK most recently won Worlds in 2020 but prior to that hadn’t won since 2017. Having knocked DWG KIA down to third seed and taken second seed for themselves; T1 were in the perfect position to begin their journey towards finals with the EDG game. All in the hopes of securing a title once more for the LCK.

T1 were ready to reclaim former glory

Image via T1 LoL Twitter
Image via T1 LoL Twitter

Neither team showed any mercy as the two teams faced off on the rift once more and kicked off in true rivalry style, attempting to read each other’s number to secure the win. The current world champions of EDG picked up Vi, Kallista and Renata but let Yuumi through for T1 and between Faker’s Akali and Keria’s Yuumi, the legendary T1 were ready.

Oner took Lee Sin much to the surprise of some spectators but his confidence in the champion, well and truly paid off. The T1 EDG game started slowly, with EDG taking an early lead over the three time world champions of T1, cracking open the map with first blood and first drake.

But the reliable top laner of Zeus from T1 consistently stacked up a CS lead against his lane opponent and it was at the 11 minute mark that T1 began turning the tables on EDG.

Despite securing first blood for themselves, EDG were not ready for the counter play; T1 saw their opportunity and struck, taking two kills and a drake. Before following up this play at 15 minutes with an impossible Herald steal courtesy of Oner and secured a turret for themselves while Faker secured his first triple kill of the tournament.

T1 demolish the current world champions

From this point onward, T1’s execution was flawless, stealing away objectives, and securing kills. Faker’s Akali play secured him 100% kill participation throughout the early stages of the match, player of the match, and lived up to his namesake – there is a reason he is the greatest player League has ever seen. At 22 minutes EDG managed to secure a Baron for themselves but this small victory was short lived as the team was ace-d and the nexus destroyed promptly after before the 23 minute mark.

The reigning world champions of EDG now start the tournament with a loss while T1 move forward having taken a match off the team that beat them last year. Both teams will now play the rest of their matches within the group stage as they fight to make it onto the next stage and continue their respective Worlds runs.

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