The top VCS team is looking for potential buyers after failing to qualify for Worlds 2023.

One of the most successful VCS League of Legends teams, Saigon Buffalo, is up for sale. The announcement comes soon after they failed to qualify for Worlds 2023 and after a previous sale did not go through earlier this year. 

A FaceBook post by Saigon Buffalo says the org is looking for a sale due to ‘narrow financial situations’. 

Due to the narrow financial conditions, SGB wants to transfer the entire team and VCS competition capacity at the most reasonable price possible, any partner interested please inbox directly or email:

- [email protected]

- [email protected]

Thank you.

The announcement has also listed two email addresses to contact the org in case of inquiries or otherwise.

Saigon’s Journey winding down

Saigon Buffalo, then Young Generation, represented Vietnam on the international stage for the first time in 2017. GAM esports was the other team that brought the Vietnamese League of Legends to the international scene. 

More recently, Saigon Buffalo has been one of the more successful teams from the VCS. The team has had four international appearances including the MSI 2022 as well as Worlds 2022.

However, this year, they faced tough competition in the domestic League. Saigon Buffalo finished VCS Dawn 2023 in 5th place and well short of the top spot. Only one team from the VCS qualified for MSI 2023. This year it was GAM Esports that came out on top to represent VCS on the International stage. 

Things were not over for Saigon as the team had yet another opportunity. This time, the team was trying to compete and qualify for Worlds 2023 via the VCS Dusk 2023. Unfortunately, they once again fell short finishing in 4th place. They earned $5,195, however, they did not finish in the top two. The top two teams - GAM Esports and Team Whales - qualified for Worlds 2023. 

Saigon Buffalo are looking to sell their VCS slot as well as the roster. If things go through, there is a good chance we will continue to see the same roster next year as well.

At the time of writing, Saigon Buffalo’s League of Legends roster is as follows:

  • Đinh "Coated" Tráng (Top)
  • Bùi "Froggy" Hải Minh (Mid)
  • Đỗ "Blazes" Sang (Mid)
  • Nguyễn "Shogun" Văn Huy (Bot)
  • Nguyễn "Slay" Ngọc Hùng (Support)

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