Following their win against DRX, Rogue’s support, Trymbi sat down with for an exclusive interview.

The LEC summer champions Rogue continued the tradition of winning their first game at Worlds with an impressive performance over DRX. The team surprised viewers with an instant Lucian-Nami bot lane which they made work. After their first game at Worlds 2022, spoke to Adrian "Trymbi" Trybus. The player shared his thoughts on his return the Worlds stage, being the LEC first seed and hopes for the group stage.

Reflecting on the bot lane matchup against DRX

Q: Hello Trymbi, I want to start by getting some thoughts on the game from you?

Trymbi: "Overall, I mean, it was just the first game, right? I think that team is actually really good. I did not underestimate them i would say because I knew that they're good. But i didn't know that they're actually that good. So huge regards to them that the game was very competitive. The way they played was a pleasure to play."

"Honestly, I think that they put a good show. I'm really happy that we managed to pull it off at the end of the day. Especially against Beryl since like, last year, it was not the easiest to play against him. And Deft, I got to play some champions queue game with Deft. It was really fun. I even got to talk with him in one of the games. It was a pleasure to play against him, He's also a big icon for me and my other friends. It was really nice to play against him."

Q: With regards to bot lane, Your went with Lucian Nami botlane despite Nerfs to Nami. What was the reason for that with other champions in meta?

Trymbi: "I mean, it's like just preference, I would say. It's not that broken as it was before right after a couple of nerfs they receive but overall Lucian-Nami suits us well. I like playing enchanters so I think that Nami sometimes has very good angles.

Also, I think that Comp plays really well Lucian so it's just good together. Obviously, the combos not so great right now, because it's not as it used to be when it could legit kill anybody, anytime. And right now it's more of a scaling duo and you're not as threatening as you were. But there are still angles where you can do quite a bit."

Q: DRX have played more games coming from Play-Ins and they went undefeated through playins. How was the approach coming into the game?

"For sure, just to focus on our gameplay. Obviously we started by just prepping for DRX, how to play against them, how was their play style, but obviously we didn't know for sure what jungler they'll play with until today until today. So it's not as simple to prepare as well as just the fact that it's not really like fully focused on the team."

"I feel like it's more for us to focus on how well we play and to just play our game. That's kind of the most important thing because no matter who we play against, if you're gonna play bad, you'll most likely lose.

Those teams are just the best of the best in Worlds group stage. So it's like you can never underestimate anyone, no matter who you play, play your best. So, today, we didn't really get to play our best-best. But we managed to pull it off and we managed to play. I think that was a convincing win, regardless of how the game was."

Rogue Worlds 2022 starting roster. Image credit: Riot Games
Rogue Worlds 2022 starting roster. Image credit: Riot Games

First Worlds as LEC Champions

Q: This is your second Worlds but your first as the LEC first seed. Would you say that there is any pressure to live up to the expectations of being regional champions?

Trymbi: Not necessarily. The thing with pressure is that Rogue will never be pressured. I feel like until at least for this for the end of this year. I think that everyone will always underestimate us. And everyone will always put us as underdogs. I'd say maybe if we're gonna win, like six games now; it will stick. Maybe people will change their minds but for now, it's gonna be like this. I always just felt an underdog or a person that no one would really care about. That's just how people view it, and I don't really mind in some way."

I would love to have the privilege to feel the pressure that people put onto the team because that's a privilege. Like not every team gets to be to be pressured as a winning team, as the team that is supposed to win.

"I would love to have the privilege of feeling the pressure that people put onto the team because that's a privilege. Not every team gets to be to be pressured as a winning team. That's [a] very unusual thing, and not everyone gets to get to feel it. So I got to feel it a couple of times. But recently it was not really the case.

I have enough pressure on myself already that I made on my own; what I need to do and how I need to play. So for me, it's fine. I just need to make sure that I don't slack. And I just try my best to just perform as well as I can."

Q: Compared to last year, you’re not in the group of death but still it's a tough group, it's still early but what are your impressions of the other teams in the group so far.

Trymbi: "I think our group is tougher than people thought it would be. I think that the group actually has really good teams, all of them. It might actually be a very entertaining experience for the viewer, because I just think that teams are just gonna fight. They're gonna fight for the spots.

We are in competition I hope to get out of the group. So yeah, I think it's gonna actually be very nice gameplay, like actual fighting, just trying their best to win. I don't think that things will be decided after a couple of games, I think it will actually take quite a while. I hope for us that we're going to have 6-0 but we never know. We will need to see how it how it goes for the next five games, and then we can decide."

Q: You mentioned in another interview how you didn’t get to go to New York much early as you would have preferred for the experience and also the scrims. How many scrims were you able to have before this game?

Trymbi: "I personally was very hyped to come here possibly as early as possible, not only to play the scrims. People were really hating me on the fact that I said that I like traveling and that I would like to visit stuff. Of course, I really want to win. If you don't want to win, then why are you even there? Coming back to the topic, it was a bit unlucky for me that we didn't really get to go early because we didn't really get to scrim much... and I didn't get to see much of New York. We didn't really get a good grasp of what's good, what's bad. So we will still be adapting and developing it for all the tournament as well as other teams. But I just think that for us it was not as easy."

Rogue Trymbi: "I think right now we're on a good road to make it work"

Rogue Trymbi on Worlds 2022 stage. Image credit: Riot Games
Rogue Trymbi on Worlds 2022 stage. Image credit: Riot Games

Q: This is your first Worlds playing with Comp who is new to this experience, how has it been for you adapting with him to the international stage?

Trymbi: "Overall, the Worlds were not the easiest for us. Because I mean, we came here and obviously we have to play against the best of the best bot lanes. It was not easy. I have to admit it was a bit similar to what happened to me and Hans last year. When the meta is about bot lane a lot of times its just like the bot lane tries to screw with you all over, especially the Asian bot lanes. So it's really a lot, it's a lot to learn.

I think that I kind of got used to it that sometimes you just get rolled over and you don't even understand why but right now it's like we're actually doing better and better. And I think we are much more confident about how we want to play and Comp has been pretty good. Everyone has had his rough time. And it was his first time so he didn't really know how it looks sometimes with scrims. We're just trying to be better. And I think right now we're on a good road to make it work. We're just better and better."

Q: Thank you for your time Trymbi, we've come to the end of anything you'd like to do. Any words for the Rogue and new Koi fans?

Trymbi: "Ah. I don't know anything in Spanish. But yeah, I just want to make sure that all the Rogue fans that are here and the new comers from Koi, they give room to each other. That at the end of the day, they're both cheering for the same team. We don't know yet what's going to happen right with everything because it's for next year, but just need to make sure that you cheer for the team that you know you want to cheer for. It doesn't matter what it's called, it doesn't matter you know what color they have. It's just about cheering and making sure they feel good. I really appreciate all the support at the end of the day."