Riot’s Project L brings on FGC pros in gameplay analysis roles cover image

Riot’s Project L brings on FGC pros in gameplay analysis roles

Looking to make the right moves before release, Riot’s Project L has brought on some FGC luminaries to help steer the game’s QA.

Details remain scarce about the much anticipated Riot fighting game Project L. Set in the League of Legends universe and utilizing an anime fighter game engine akin to Marvel vs Capcom, the game's progression remains a mystery. That said, we now know a bit more about the developer's plans. Riot's brought in well-known fighting game community (FGC) luminaries to help steer the Project L ship.

Revealed today by longtime Riot producer and FGC historian Pat "PatTheFlip" Miller were the FGC pros hired to a contract "Gameplay Analysis" team. Who was brought on board and what's their expertise? Safe to say, each has a long and winning history in the arena of tag-style fighters.

Project L: FGC pros on board

Let's run down the players contracted by the Project L team in a Gameplay Analysis role. The docket includes:

Quality Analysis at a glance

It comes as no shock that the commonality between all four players is their prowess in tag-style fighting games. This makes perfect sense, as Project L looks to join the FGC pantheon of fast-paced anime fighters such as Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue, and more.

That latter knowledge comes from the game's early beginnings as Project Thunder. It started as a 2015 alpha release by Radiant Entertainment. Notably, former Capcom and employee Seth Killian and former EVO co-founders Tom and Tony Cannon headed its development. Riot bought out Radiant Entertainment in 2016.

What exactly is the "Gameplay Analysis" team? In the case of Project L, this probably means a quality assurance squad made up of FGC pros. They'll look to break the game down to its core. Par for the course are Infinite combos, glitches, bugs, quality control issues, and more.

With any luck this means we're getting closer to another look at what could be one of the biggest fighting games of next year. Best of luck to Project L, as its FGC competition has considerably leveled up in 2023.

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