Riot Games announces new and improved client that will launch next week cover image

Riot Games announces new and improved client that will launch next week

In a weeks time players will be recieving a new and updated Riot Games client. This client will act as the primary hub for each Riot owned title.

With Riot Games expanding their portfolio across an array of titles, it is now time to make much needed updates. Since their expansion beyond League of Legends, Riot has introduced Team Fight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and one of the fatest growing esports ecosytems in Valorant.

As of yesterday, Riot announced they would reiventing their client into one centralised hub for all of their titles. Accroding to Riot, this type of client is already in use but has been skinned for each individual title. Players will still have the option to have individual desktop shortcuts.

All the Riot titles have actually already been using this multi-game client but skinned for each individual game and without a way to access your library of Riot games. We’re now adding a new user interface, streamlined features and even more on the way after launch.

"Liz La Londe" - Riot Games

One of the changes that comes with this new client is players won't have to manually install the games or install anything new to upgrade to the new client. This will work similarly, if not identically to which works as a central hub for all Blizzard games.

What will the new client look like and how will it work?

The exact appearance of the client is yet to be revealed. However, in their announcement article, Riot Games provided this YouTube video as a teaser of what is to come. To the upset of many League of Legends fans, this new client will not feature an updated LoL client. Each game will still have their own unique landing pages, updated with new cinematic backgrounds.

When will this new client be released?

While plans can change by the minute, the new Riot client is expected to start rolling out on September 20. To ensure a smooth transition, all players will recieve the new client by October 4 though the world wide date is subject to change. Riot's September release will work as a stability check to ensure everything is working as it should before a worldwide launch can commence.

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