Riot Games CEO is cleared of all wrongdoings. Here’s what Riot Games and Mr. Nicolo Laurent wrote in their letter.

Riot Games has released the results of the third-party investigation into its CEO, Nicolo Laurent. The investigation report clears the CEO of harassment and discrimination charges as it found ‘no evidence of the claims.

Sharon O’Donnell, a former executive assistant at the company, filed a lawsuit against Mr. Nicolo Laurent on January 7. She accused him of creating a hostile work environment after she refused his sexual advances.

Riot Games recommends no action

After review of the results of the investigation. There is no evidence that Nicolo harassed, discriminated, or retaliated against Ms. O’Donnell. The Special Committee has also expressed its full confidence in Nicolo’s leadership, that no action against him is warranted, and that he will continue to operate as CEO.”

Riot Games in a statement.

According to the Washington Post, the investigation findings were shared internally with the company’s employees. The employees also received a follow-up email from the CEO. 

“It’s important you hear this from me directly: The allegations of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation involving me are not true,” Laurent, popularly known as Nicolo, wrote in his email. “Nothing of that nature, or even remotely close to it, ever happened.”

Riot Games moves court to speed up proceedings

Riot Games has recommended that no action be taken against Mr. Laurent. Image Credit: Riot Games.
Riot Games has recommended that no action be taken against Mr. Laurent. Image Credit: Riot Games.

The game company filed a request to speed up proceedings. The company also alleged witness tampering by O’Donnell and others on her behalf. 

This is not a recommendation we take lightly,” the committee said in a statement. “Most cases of this nature are not black and white; they fall into the grey. However, this was not one of those cases. In this case, we were simply unable to find any evidence that would justify a sanction of any kind against Laurent.”

Riot Games had set up a three-member special committee to review the investigation by the third-party. On reviewing the investigative report, the special committee recommended that no action be taken against Mr. Laurent. 

“We concluded that there was no evidence that Laurent harassed, discriminated, or retaliated against the plaintiff,” reads the statement. “We have therefore reached the conclusion that, at the current time … no action should be taken against Laurent.”

The investigation report comes a few days after reports of Alienware cutting ties with the game developer. The Dell-owned hardware company has since confirmed the termination of its Riot Games deal with EsportsObserver.

The committee added that the investigation can be reopened if additional evidence were to come to light.