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Riot Games brings back Champions Queue for Worlds 2022


Riot is bringing back Champions Queue to help as a practice space for Worlds 2022, NA talent will have the chance to compete against 24 of the best teams in the World throughout the tournament with viewers watching.

Riot Games is reintroducing Champions Queue for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship set to hold in North America. Champions Queue will allow NA players compete again some of the best talent in the world throughout the event. With the likes of Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok; and Park "Viper" Do-hyeon coming to Worlds, the Champions Queue is bound to be an exciting addition for players.
Riot earlier introduced Champions Queue as a solution to the high ping solo queue problems for NA pro players. It also allows NA pros to practice in a more competitive environment with the invite only system that matches high elo players together. The Champions queue received widespread praise for its implementation and was a welcome move by Riot Games.

How Champions Queue will run during Worlds

Since Worlds 2022 will happen in several cities in North America, the Champions Queue will move to the server closest to the present stage. All Champions Queue games will occur on Patch 12.18. Moreover, given that the Queue will stand as practice space for Worlds, Riot will not offer prize rewards for the top ranked players.
Furthermore, content creators can also stream Champions Queue matches if they recieve permission. However, Riot will prohibit streaming during live Worlds broadcast. The Queue will have its own integrated voice comms, MMR systm and a redesigned Worlds themed public leaderboard. The public leaderboard will allow fans to track their favorite players ranking.

Who can participate?

Asides from all players qualified for Worlds; all current champions Queue players will recieve access following a review from the Queue council. Additionally, any active pro player from a Worlds qualifying league that plans to travel will need to request for access through their local offices.
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