After a long wait!

In the latest Dev Update from Riot Games, the League of Legends developer, has announced that it's finally bringing back a fan-favorite feature that's been missing for years. LoL players are finally getting a League of Legends PvE mode after an excruciating wait.

Riot announces return of League of Legends PvE bullet hell

Ever since fan backlash in early 2022 about a lack of communication and clear expectations from Riot Games, the enormous game developer has been publishing regular Developer Updates. These lay out Riot's plans and goals for the next couple months and keep fans updated. In the most recent video, Riot confirmed that fans are finally getting a cooperative Player vs Environment game mode in the vein of the previous Star Guardian and Odyssey modes.

Everything we know about the League of Legends PvE game mode

Riot hasn't said much about the upcoming game mode, but we can glean some clues from what little they have been willing to announce. Firstly, the game mode will launch as a part of the mid-year event. This lets us know it will likely be themed after a skin line that Riot will be promoting during that event, just like the Star Guardian Invasion and Odyssey PvE events of the past. Secondly, Riot showed off a photo of the game mode's current state, early into development.

The photo shows a circle of Zed shadows surrounding a Jinx, stuck inside the arena with models that are copies of Naafiri's hounds, Super Minions, Cannon Minion's, and one of Milio's Fuemigos. In the bottom right of the map is a mini map that depicts 9 stages in a 3x3 grid, similar to a Teamfight Tactics game. These are likely different stages of the game that you move between like levels in a traditional bullet hell game.

If it's similar to other modes, players will lock in a limited selection of champions as a team. These are usually limited to the champions who receive new skins in the skin line Riot promoted alongside the PvE mode. During the game, players will fight through increasingly difficult stages filled with tons of enemies, culminating in epic boss fights. Players will then be able to purchase upgrades for individual champions and increase difficulty between rounds to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.

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