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Rekklesdotgg – What we know so far about Rekkles new project cover image

Rekklesdotgg – What we know so far about Rekkles new project


Rekkles will be starting his own fashion brand in Decmeber 2023, check out all the latest news we have on what’s to come.

Rekkles, the dubbed "King of the North," has made his return to social media after a quick break, following streaming much of Worlds 2022. But his return has been kickstarted with a new announcement: Rekkles is starting a clothing brand. And you are all invited to its’ launch.

Who is Rekkles?

Dubbed one of the best ADCs in the World, Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson is synonymous with his time on Fnatic as their ADC. Despite never having won a World title, the ADC who is playing on the LFL team Karmine Corp, is an icon within the League of Legends world. After leaving Fnatic after the first reverse sweep at Worlds 2020, Rekkles joined G2 in an attempt to win a World title.
Having been with Fnatic for over five years, but never having achieved a title. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. But with such a huge fan base, Rekkles always has the community’s support. Rekkles is currently with Karmine Corp in the LFL, and will be until the 2024 League of Legends season, when his contract will expire.

What’s happening with Rekkles now?

Having co-streamed Worlds 2022 for his fanbase, Rekkles had taken a short streaming break and time away from social media. He made his grand return to social media on the November 26, 2022. Informing everyone to tune into his stream on Monday as there was ‘a big announcement in the evening' coming that everyone should watch out for.
The announcement was rekklesdotgg from the hints and respective Instagram and Twitter pages we can assume this is going to be a shop. Similar to the one seen by Valorant player Tenz. This is based on details of products being teased as well as the website being used is Shopify – a known small business website.

What do we know about Rekklesdotgg already?

So far, we know the website will go live with content available to be seen. Currently the website has no detailing of products, and will launch on December 3, 2022 at 9 a.m PST, 6 p.m. CET. Rekkles has also hinted and teased products including a black hoodie posted across his social medias, with red writing detailing "King of the North" on the back. The slogan of which is a key part of Rekkles’ branding and has been for many years.
We can expect to see more hints and teasers in coming weeks prior to the launch of the website. Most likely of various other products and clothing items based on Rekkles' brand.
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Nia Quinn
Nia Quinn
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