The orange and black jersey of Fnatic will no longer be worn by Rekkles after he parted ways with the organisation.

If you had asked the standard LEC fan back in 2020 if they thought it was possible for Carl 'Rekkles' Martin Erik Larsson to be without a team; they would likely have told you it was impossible. But following news of his role swap to support, and his role as joint support on Fnatic--a team he was synonymous with--Rekkles is now teamless.

Rekkles: a GOAT of EU and ADCs

Rekkles first appeared in the European professional LoL circuit back in May of 2012, originally playing on a team known as 'Playing Ducks.' Since then he has gone on to play for some of the biggest names in European League, including Fnatic, G2 Esports, Alliance, and Karmine Korp.

Along the way he has scooped up numerous pentakills, awards, and titles - having won the LEC four times. For much of his career, Rekkles has been synonymous with Fnatic, having played as both an ADC and a support, for over six years.

Why did he leave Fnatic?

"I'm no longer a part of Fnatic. It saddens me that we weren't able to make things work this year, but also makes me happy to see them succeed during summer and qualify for Worlds. With Trymbi and Noah both doing really well since joining it makes no sense to consider a change for the 2024 season."

- Rekkles explaining his departure from Fnatic for the 2024 season

In a statement released October 12 on Twitter, Rekkles announced that he and the organization had parted ways leaving him 'teamless.' For Rekkles this is the first time he has been without a team since the start of his career, as although he left the LEC to play in the LFL, he has always had a team.

"Where does that leave me? Teamless. For the first time since 2012. That feels so weird to say. 2012. Teamless. I'm kind of scared and excited at the same time. Scared because there is no certainty in what happens next, excited because anything can happen next."

- Rekkles in his Twitter statement October 2023

Part of his statement does elude to having had offers once it became known he would be leaving Fnatic, as there wasn't an exact need for him there, he reportedly turned these offers down. As he states in this post, he can understand why there is no need to consider a roster change of him playing support for Fnatic in 2024 and so he is now a free agent.

What does his Twitter post mean for the coming season?

Well as you can see in the above-mentioned quote, it means quite literally anything can happen for Rekkles. Although he has never been without a team before, that doesn't necessarily mean he is out of options, he is Rekkles after all.

"I would like to thank Fnatic for allowing me to make this transition and supporting me while I laid the groundwork for what is hopefully to come a very exciting chapter in my career. Bye bye!"

- Rekkles on Twitter October 12 about what comes next for him.

In the closing of his statement, he mentions he is looking forward to this next chapter, so whether we see him playing in the 2024 season or not is unknown, but one thing is for sure; this is not the last we will see of Rekkles.

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