Rejoice: How to pet Naafiri in League of Legends cover image

Rejoice: How to pet Naafiri in League of Legends

Yes, it’s true: Someone IS a good girl. Learn how to pet Naafiri, the newest Champion warlord guard dog of League of Legends.

I'm here to admit that I know heck all about League of Legends, except for two things. One: The best Champion is Yuumi and we will not discuss the topic any further. Two: You can definitely pet Naafiri in League of Legends. Confirmed to be the goodest girl in all the land, it turns out you can give the Hound of Iron a good ole itch session.

How? Why? Why not! Look, this isn't that complicated.

How to pet Naafiri in League of Legends

There's a bit behind how to pet Naafiri, the newest doggo-based champion in League. However, that's also part of the trick. You don't! Rather, the rubdown is an animation for the new canine character. However, there's a neat twist in that it uses the legacy cursor in the pets. After all, it takes a superior cursor to give the superior hound dog the most deserving of affection.

Will this start a new trend of animal Champions getting interaction animations? At what point will Yuumi get an action that's just going and knocking over Stealth Wards with wanton abandon? After all, getting to bet the dog is all the rage in video games these days. To the point that one of the best Twitter accounts out there is fully dedicated to finding out if "Can You Pet The Dog."

Luckily, the answer this time is "absolutely, yes" and it's amazingly adorable. Looks like it's time for me to log out of Heroes of the Storm for a bit and prepare to become a digital dog person. I don't know if it will stick--there aren't murlocs in League of Legends after all--but I'll at least give it the college try.