We spoke with PSG Talon Ubao on the challenges of the MSI stage, the competition’s aggression, and more during the current tournament stage.

The unexpected happened when PSG Talon not only took on LOUD but also stole victory from the perennial powerhouse. It was clear to fans that throughout their starting run to MSI 2023 PSG Talon had a lot to bring to the stage. Would make the most of their opportunity? We tend to think so.

Having faced the LJL in DFM and EMEA region in G2 Esports, their matchup against LOUD had fans wondering how much further they would go. But if there is one thing we should have learned from MSI events of the past it's that the minor regions are never to be underestimated. They thrive when upsetting the other, better equipped regions.

We sat down with PSG Talon's mid lane Chen 'Ubao' Chang-Chu to ask him about being on the international stage and representing the PCS at MSI 2023.

Talon Ubao: Facing LOUD, learning from G2 Esports

Question: Do you think Trist is a good pick against the other mid-lanes and mid-picks we’ve been saying in the meta? Should it be played more?

Ubao: This draft with Tristanna is something we play a lot when we are playing in the PCS and it is something we are confident on and know we can win on, because of the success it saw in the PCS. Some strong teams might give this draft a try but I don’t think everyone will play it as they may not feel confident in making it successful.

PSG take a bow following a win over LOUD - image via Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
PSG take a bow following a win over LOUD - image via Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Question: Game one was very back and forth and scrappy. Was your plan to counter LOUD's aggression by having early aggression yourself, compared to your usual slower style?

Ubao: We learned a lot from our match against G2 Esports because similarly to LOUD, they perform well in the early game and be quite aggressive in their play style. By having played G2 before LOUD, we had learned ways to combat this aggressive playstyle and some strategies that we could implement in the early game to help us succeeded.

Question: What are your top three mid-lane picks?

Ubao: I would pick Ahri, Lissandra and Nautilus, these picks do well and are very versatile for the teams to use and also adapt well depending on the draft they are being put into – but these are also the champions who fit in well with the current meta here at MSI.

Representing the PCS

Question: Since the PCS got in via play-ins, does this add stress and pressure to do well? Considering your previous success in 2021 and to keep this standard, it must have been hard.

Ubao: Personally, I know I need to maintain a high level of performance when it comes to playing in mid and this is especially important for us as a team when it comes to international tournaments; as we need to compete and show up well against other high-performing teams.

My role within this is to be a reliable mid, play well and facilitate the team and ensure they can do their jobs well too to secure good results. Especially when it comes to helping my jungle and ADC, I view them almost like a dog or a pet where I need to take care of them and make sure they are doing well.

Ubao all set up at his first MSI - image via Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Ubao all set up at his first MSI - image via Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Question: You formerly played in the LPL--Why did you decide to move back to PCS?

Ubao: I learned a lot from being in the LPL and it was a good experience for my career. But returning to the PCS was because I knew I stood a better chance of making it to a top team and going to the international stage and qualifying for international tournaments on a PCS team. As in the LPL, the top teams are very rigid and it is hard to get onto them and then progress further.

Following the footsteps of Uniboy

Question: When you joined PSG you were replacing Uniboy – How did you handle the pressure?

Ubao: Many people will of course look at Uniboy as a really successful mid laner but now that I am the mid-laner for PSG Talon I don’t want people to think of Uniboy only when it comes to the mid lane for our team. I want people to learn my name and see what I can bring to this roster and my role on the team.

Traveling to London and being on the international stage

Question: This is your first time on the MSI international stage. How are you finding the experience?

Ubao: This is my sixth year as a pro player but my first time finally making it to the MSI stage, so honestly I'm just excited about all of it and trying to enjoy every moment.

Ubao and the team between matches - image via Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Ubao and the team between matches - image via Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Question: What does it mean to you to be a pro player?

Ubao: It's so important to me because it was my dream for so long – since I was a child. I'm fulfilled by getting to be a pro player now and live the dream that I wanted for so long and live all these opportunities.

Question: Have you gotten to try British food yet and what did you make of it? What food would you bring from Taiwan to enjoy in London if you didn't like British food?

Ubao: Out of the British food I have tried while being here, I really enjoyed the steak. Also being in London, the air feels very good and as for the food I would bring, I would bring hotpot to London as I really enjoy eating it.

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