League of Legends’ most expensive purchase, the $500 Faker Ahri skin, is understandably not being received well by the community.

Riot Games recently announced a bundle worth ~60,000 RP (~$500 USD), and people are not happy. The bundle commemorates legendary player Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok's induction into the Hall of Legends and is the most expensive out of three options.

Due to the hefty price tag on the bundle, the League of Legends community was understandably displeased. Before the reveal of the bundle price, the community noticed that Riot used the keyword "expensive ahri" in the teasers posted.

LoL personalities react to $500 Faker Ahri skin bundle

The Signature Immortalized Legend Collection will run you 59,260 RP. Riot has stated that there will be a special RP bundle in the shop where players can purchase the exact amount of RP needed. The price of this RP bundle is currently unknown, but current known conversion ratios price it at around $500. It's also stated that 30% of the revenue from the sales will go to Faker and T1.

To be fair, the steep price tag will net you a lot more than just the skin. Check out the details of the bundle and the other offerings here.

Faker Ahri skin reactions - the serious ones

"There is 0% [chance] Riot [is] gonna put out 500 USD bundles for xPeke or Clearlove. What happens to the Hall of Legends when incentives are much lower to actually talk about the game's history? It's about money and money now," wrote PCS caster Clement Chu on X.

"I'm usually very on board with whaling, the game is f2p, if someone wants to flaunt their wealth it's a win-win for everyone. But to tell players you aren't a part of Faker's celebration because you can't afford it is crazy and goes against what he brought to the [sport]."

Ex-professional player, ex-caster, and content creator Marc "Caedrel" Lamont also voiced his dismay. "[I'm] extremely disappointed that this whole concept that looked like a great way to celebrate players has now obviously turned into a massive cash grab. 500 dollars for a skin & 30% revenue split is absolutely disgusting," said Caedrel. "[I] doubt it'll change," he concluded.

"Expensive things are fine if it sorta makes sense... unsure if these bundles make sense to me," says long-time creator in the space, SkinSpotlights. "I could get [digital goods]... or I could buy a new phone. Or I could buy 5-10 new games."

Funny reactions and memes to the Faker Ahri skin

The more hilarious reactions mostly poked fun at the irony that Faker never uses skins.

Esports organization Moist Esports took a jab at people thinking about buying the skin, too. "If you're considering buying the $500 Faker skin, respectfully never make a financial decision again"

This one user chose to bring back a clip from the past where Faker found prices at the T1 net café too high.

Content creator ioki has an odd but simple idea: ban Ahri for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Of course, this is only a small subset of the reactions of the community. There might be a less vocal portion of the community who don't mind the price tag of the Faker Ahri skin. However, the Reddit threads, the X posts, and the general reception aren't looking too good.