THe 2021 LoL World Championship is almost over as six pick’ems participants are biting their nails to be right in the final three series.

The 2021 LoL World Championship quarterfinals are officially over after Gen.G swept Cloud9 earlier today. As the teams continue to drop, so do the 2021 Worlds Pick’ems going into the 2021 LoL Worlds Semifinals. Now, only six people in the entire world remain with perfect pick-ems.

2021 Worlds Pick’ems began with the LoL group stages as participants needed to select 16 teams in four groups, all in the correct order. This was then followed by choosing the Playoffs Bracket once group stages ended. 

A picture of the Worlds 2021 Quarterfinal bracket before the series unfolded. Graphic via

A perfect pick’em submission at this stage of the tournament would accumulate to an 84 point total on Lolesports leaderboard. 

Remaining perfect Worlds pick’ems all choose Gen.G to win

Last year, eight pick’em players correctly predicted the entire tournament at the 2020 LoL WOrld Championships. This year, that number is down to just six participants with three series left at 2021 Worlds.

Funnily enough, every single perfect prediction going into the Cloud9 vs Gen.G series picked Gen.G to win. With just six remaining going into that final quarterfinals, it was possible that Worlds would possibly be left with 0 perfect predictions.

Perfect predictions at this year’s World Championships would earn them all six Ultimate skins in League of Legends. 

These are the following skins the six participants will receive if they predict perfectly.

LoL Six Ultimate Skins

  • DJ Sona
  • Elementalist Lux
  • Gun Goddess Miss Fortune
  • K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine
  • Pulsefire Ezreal
  • Spirit Guard Udyr

With only the semifinals and finals remaining on the Worlds schedule, the six participants will hope they can maintain perfection through the final series’ at Worlds 2021. 

When will remaining matches play out?

Worlds 2021 will take a short 5 day break before continuing again with DWG KIA and T1 battling on October 30. In what many view as the 2021 LoL Worlds finals, it will be a rematch of the LCK Summer Split final as only one will make it to the grand finals. That match will then be followed by LPL’s last representative EDward Gaming against the LCK’s Gen.G on October 31.

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – OCTOBER 19: Gen.G’s Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong (R) poses at the League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals Stage Features Day on October 19, 2021 in Reykjavik, Iceland. (Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games)

The two winners will then meet at the 2021 LoL World Championship finals on November 6 to compete for the crown. With the Summoner’s Cup on the line for the players and skins on the line for the remaining six participants, the final stretch for a win will be interesting to watch unfold.

Stay tuned to for the latest League of Legends news and updates, as well as coverage from Worlds 2021. And to see if the six perfect Worlds Pick’ems remain.

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