The casual game mode marks a return after nearly three years.

The chaos of the Nexus Blitz is all set to return to League of Legends after a gap of nearly three years Riot has announced. The exciting game mode will be available in the in-game client starting 

What is the Nexus Blitz?

Nexus Blitz is a short game mode that usually lasts for around 15 minutes. However, the game goes into Sudden Death mode after 18 minutes and can last up to 20 minutes in total.

Riot Games first introduced Nexus Blitz in 2018. The 5v5 game mode features a smaller map with several smaller minigames. Some of the minigames may include Scuttle Racing, Bardle Royale, and URF Deathmatch. However, Riot might also bring additional and unique game modes in 2023. These minigames give powerful bonuses the players can collect to aid them in the next fights.

At the eighteen-minute mark, the Nexus come alive and start moving towards each other. In the fight to death, the last standing Nexus’ team is the winner.

When will Nexus Blitz be available in League of Legends?

Nexus Blitz Game Mode Launch 2023

As part of the ongoing League of Legends Worlds 2023 celebrations, Riot Games is reintroducing the Nexus Blitz. The game mode will be available starting October 24 at 2 p.m. PT. It will be available until November 27, 2023. 

The game mode is a fun mode for casual players who just want to enjoy the game. Without any pressure of losing rank, the Nexus Blitz brings together sportsmanship between all players in the server.

The Worlds 2023 is currently underway in South Korea with the world’s best team in competition. The tournament kicked off on October 7 and will continue till November 19, 2023. With a prize pool of $2.225 million, this event is the biggest and most prestigious event in Riot’s League of Legends. 

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