Both teams have proven their power, but they still fell into the lower brackets. One must go after this match.

The last week of the LoL esports Mid-Season Invitational started with a super interesting match. The best European team, G2 Esports, faced Top Esports, the 2nd LPL seed (China). Before the match, it was hard to say who was stronger. G2 could be called a favorite here. But the performance of Top Esports in the LoL MSI 2024 Bracket Stage is simply impressive, and we could expect great performance from this team. The reality turned out to be different, and one team was simply swept away.

MSI 2024 G2 vs TES: Score

The best-of-5 format (Bo5) is perfect for such high-stake matches. Teams have time to adapt and maybe even perform a miraculous comeback.

Final Score
G2 3:0 TES
Game 1
G2 Esports
Game 2
G2 Esports
Game 3
G2 Esports
Game 4
Game 5

G2 Esports vs Top Esports: Stream

The LoL MSI 2024 lower bracket quarterfinal between G2 Esports and Top Esports happened on May 14. Here is the full stream:

Players and their picks

Checking out what LoL characters the players pick up for this MSI match may help you with your own progress. The list of champions is huge, and this choice may bring you to victory. 

Here are G2 and TES players with their picks for the lower bracket quarterfinal.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports
Sergen "BrokenBlade" Çelik
Camille (Game 1)
Twisted Fate (Game 2)
K'Sante (Game 3)
Martin "Yike" Sundelin
Ivern (Game 1)
Rek'Sai (Game 2)
Ivern (Game 3)
Rasmus "Caps" Winther
Tristana (Game 1)
Tristana (Game 2)
Tristana (Game 3)
Steven "Hans Sama" Liv
Kalista (Game 1)
Kog'Maw (Game 2)
Draven (Game 3)
Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle
Leona (Game 1)
Braum (Game 2)
Neeko (Game 3)

Top Esports

Top Esports
Bai "369" Jiahao
K'Sante (Game 1)
K'Sante (Game 2)
Udyr (Game 3)
Gao "Tian" Tianliang
Xin Zhao (Game 1)
Jarvan IV (Game 2)
Rek'Sai (Game 3)
Lin "Creme" Jian
Azir (Game 1)
Corki (Game 2)
Corki (Game 3)
Wenbo "JackeyLove" Yu
Varus (Game 1)
Draven (Game 2)
Kalista (Game 3)
Tian "Meiko" Ye
Nautilus (Game 1)
Renata Glasc (Game 2)
Camille (Game 3)

Match recap

G2 Esports players were amazing during this match! They started dominating from the very first quick kill on the bot lane, and they kept the pressure on till the full victory. 

Game 1

G2 started the match with a statement. Hans Sama and Mikyx got two super quick kills on the bot lane in a situation where their opponents seemingly had an advantage. After that, JackeyLove looked powerless throughout the rest of game 1.

The European team gained momentum and reached quick execution of four Top Esports players in a dragon fight. The bot lane became a farming ground for G2. Top Esports tried to respond on top and in the jungles, and it led them to a disaster: a full Ace for G2. This success gave some overconfidence to G2. They started Baron and lost a team fight — but then they killed some opponents (Jungler), returned to Baron and took him for free. Was that their plan from the very beginning?

In the first base siege, G2 lost Caps but destroyed two Inhibitors. After a short break, they returned for the Nexus.

Game 2

Two kills on the bot lane happened for G2 quickly again — around a minute later compared to game 1. This approach looked quite logical for G2’s pick of carry Champions.

Top Esports tried to strengthen their top lane, and they succeeded with this to a certain extent. Still, the dominance of G2 on the bot only intensified. It wasn’t as devastating as in game 1, but G2 thoroughly worked on increasing their advantage and slowly approached the opponents’ base.

G2 started Baron in the 22nd minute, and TES couldn’t stop that. Another full Ace for G2 happened at the 24-minute mark. The Nexus of Top Esports fell in just a few seconds.

Game 3

The start of this game was much more even. Top Esports made their aggressive move on the bot lane, eliminating Mikyx and Hans Sama. Still, G2 responded with their kills, including one for BrokenBlade on the top. Quite soon, G2 were ahead in terms of kills, and they compensated for a seemingly promising gold advantage of TES.

In the mid-game, everything started falling apart for Top Esports. With some trades, G2 got the upper hand in a massive team fight. And then, they took Baron, using a distant positioning of JackeyLove. Top Esports looked desperate at this point, making unnecessary mistakes. G2 Esports did not lose this moment. They started a base siege, killed every opponent, and destroyed the Nexus.

Not only is this an impressively confident victory for G2 Esports, but it‘s also a mighty fire of hope in the hearts of the European LoL community. It is certainly interesting to watch the Lower Brackets Semi-Final, where G2 plays against the winner of the T1 vs Team Liquid match.

Post-match interview

It’s always great to hear something from the players. Especially after such a remarkable victory.

What can such a victory mean for Yike?

“It means a lot, because the last time [Europe] won against an Asian team was… it was such a long time. Five years ago I was watching G2, I was so excited. And then we were always losing. Now, we finally win it. I’m very happy. I’m very proud of myself and my team.”


Did G2 feel prepared for their match vs Top Esports?

“We were prepared a bit more… at least I feel like Top Esports weren’t prepared so much. We had a better draft every game. We talk so much during our review and learn so much.”


The dominance for G2 started from the bot lane, from the very beginning of this match.

“Me and Hans Sama were pretty much on the same page all the games… maybe not the last one. The first two games were mostly them being very disrespectful.”


It’s important to not get carried away in such situations.

“We are always talking about staying in the present moment and not getting ahead of ourselves. Even if we were ahead [in the match], we took it very seriously, got prepared as much as possible, and discussed every possibility.”


What do the players think about the rest of the MSI 2024?

“It will be either T1 or Team Liquid. It will be hype in any case. We have a rematch against T1, and we really want to beat them this time. If it’s Team Liquid, we have to avenge Fnatic.”


“We have to win against every single opponent that is left. It will be very nice, very rewarding. This would prove that we are actually the best.”


Caps was interviewed on the scene of the LoL Mid-Season Invitational. He reflected on the team’s preparation for the tournament.

“We want to come up with many creative picks and catch people off guard. As soon as we won the LEC [Spring 2024], we went straight to figuring out some combos and seeing what was good on the patch, so we could do our best at the MSI.”


How much effort did G2 put into becoming a disciplined team?

“We were trying to calm down for a bit today. When we play more calmly, it definitely helps us a lot.”


How did G2 and TES reach the LoL MSI 2024 lower bracket semifinal?

As the best LoL team in EMEA, G2 Esports qualified directly to the MSI 2024 Bracket Stage of the MSI 2024. The team had a tough match against T1 — with good chances for winning, but it ultimately ended in a bitter loss.

In the Round 2 lower bracket, the G2 players faced PSG Talon, a team from the Pacific region. However great PSG looked in the previous match against BGL, they couldn't do anything against the power of G2.

Top Esports played almost flawlessly in the Play-In Stage, and their successes in the Main Stage are quite impressive. The Chinese players got a clear victory over Team Liquid in the upper bracket quarterfinal and they almost did a full reverse sweep in their incredible match against Gen.G, one of the strongest LoL esports teams in the world.

As it’s a lower-bracket match, the winners have a few steps ahead of them before reaching the MSI 2024 Grand Final. Their opponent will be determined in the parallel quarterfinal: T1 vs Team Liquid. The lower bracket semifinal is planned for May 17. Stick around on for more information from the LoL MSI 2024!

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