MSI 2021: PSG Talon scores an upset victory over RNG cover image

MSI 2021: PSG Talon scores an upset victory over RNG

PSG Talon sent North American fans into meltdown as the PCS side pulled out an upset victory over Royal Never Give Up. Cloud9’s hopes of making it to the knockout stage are now in serious doubt.

PSG Talon is one of the bright spots at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. The PCS side is firmly in contention to make it to the knockout stage. PSG remained composed as they dispatched tournament favorites RNG in an emphatic fashion. Here is how the drafts lined up for both sides:

PSG runs over RNG in the early game

This game was far from what fans have been accustomed to with Royal Never Give Up. PSG started the game like a house on fire and was able to match RNG in the early game. The bottom lane duo of Doggo and Kaiwing was able to secure multiple kills in the early minutes. At the seventh-minute mark, PSG's Hanabi was able to teleport into the bottom lane to help his side blow open the game.

At this point, PSG Talon was over 2k gold ahead of their opponents before the ten-minute mark. This game felt severely one-sided with PSG controlling the pace of the game. PSG was able to counter everything RNG threw at them, putting down a marker PSG has earned their right to hang with the giants.

24-minute Infernal soul seals the deal for PSG

Despite Royal Never Give Up's best efforts, this game was PSG's to win. RNG initiated a fight in their own blue side quadrant, and while they were able to pick up a couple of early kills, PSG was too much for the LPL champions. At the 24th minute mark, PSG was able to secure not only the Baron but the Infernal soul. Minutes later PSG was able to break open the base and push forward for the win.

PSG keeping the Flash Wolves spirit alive

While they are classed as a "wild card" team, PSG Talon has showcased they are far from that. What should not be understated is they are doing this without their starting AD Carry in Unified. Having secured a spot in the main group stage at last year's worlds, followed by an impressive MSI performance this year, PSG is a team to be feared. PSG is doing the Flash Wolves proud by continuing to show up on the International stage. LPL caster Jordan "Lyric" Corby praised the PCS side for continuing on the foundations laid by the Flash Wolves.

PSG Talon will now take on MAD Lions in the final game of the day. If PSG are to win that game, they are all but confirmed to be taking part in the knockout stage of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational.

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