The poplular League of Legends streamer will be making the church a lot more greener.

Popular League of Legends personality Nick "LS" De Cesare has announced today that he will be joining FlyQuest as a streamer and content creator. Although the Spring Split is near its conclusion, LS confirms this move has been a 'couple of months' in the making.

LS is one of the most polarizing figures in the League of Legends community through his passion for the game and his extreme attention to detail - many would find entertainment in his daily streams, whether that is criticizing a players build, or watching a team 'fumble' a draft, there is never a dull moment.

"FlyQuest in North America is perceived, at least in my mind, as one of the most positive brands. From everything they are doing with the positivity surrounding like the planting of trees, and the inclusivity to just the general outreach FlyQuest has a brand". - LS in the announcement video

What can fans expect from the LS and FlyQuest partnership?

LS stated his 'voice is not changing' when speaking about the upcoming plans for himself and FlyQuest. Meaning the streamer will not shy away from criticizing FlyQuest if mistakes are made during their LCS playoff run - "don't expect me to pull any punches".

As mentioned earlier, LS has been living in Korea for many years and in the announcement video, LS announced he is eligible for Korean residency at the end of the year, meaning he will be taking a Korean exam. However, LS did mention he will still be making appearances at locations he currently is not allowed to disclose.

Patch content is another project that LS has been very passionate about. Moving forward, the Patch rundown videos will now have a new home on the FlyQuest LoL YouTube channel.

For more about the LS and FlyQuest partnership, tune into the FlyQuest Discord where LS will be answering questions throughout the day.

The road to FlyQuest was not an easy one for LS

It has been an emotional and difficult time for LS leading up to this point in his career. Following his departure from Cloud9, LS returned to Korea, a country the streamer has lived in for many years. In the twelve-minute video posted on both the FlyQuest Twitter page as well as his own YouTube channel, LS mentioned the difficulties he was going through last year - citing he almost did not return to streaming.

"Last summer I stepped away for almost two months. It reached a point where I almost did not return to streaming. I ended up making a post on Twitter that my mental health and other stuff that was going on with me was at a complete breaking point from all of the co-streaming and the live viewing as well as the experience I had that winter. It all just really reached a breaking point and I realized I just need to step away."

Later in the video, LS would speak about finding out he was undiagnosed with Autism. LS said in the video the discovery allowed him to understand why he would perceive things differently from other people and how we would react to different situations.

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