LOUD take down Fnatic to secure the first major upset at Worlds 2022 Play-Ins and blow Group A wide open.

LOUD have taken down Fnatic in the first big upset of Worlds 2022 Play-In stage. The CBLoL Split 2 champions flipped the script with an aggressive early game; and carried the momentum into the mid and late game.

With a 1-2 record in Group A, LOUD needed to win this game to improve their chances of securing a knockout spot.

“Since yesterday i’ve been talking to my teammates that we can really break this invisibility that they have. I’m really happy that we got this result said , Diego “Brance” Amaral in the post game interview. "It’s been a unique experience there’s a difference between playing Brazil and playing these teams, i’m not nervous.”

LOUD reap rewards after staying true to their playstyle

Heading into Worlds 2022, there were many questions about LOUD given their aggressive playstyle and relentless pressure. While the aggressive playstyle favored them early on, they seemed to fall behind later on and looked clueless in the mid game. This occurred in the game against Evil Geniuses where LOUD looked good early on but made things easy for EG as it went on.

Brance after win against Fnatic in Play-In stage, Worlds 2022. Image Credit: Riot Games
Brance after win against Fnatic in Play-In stage, Worlds 2022. Image Credit: Riot Games

Furthermore, LOUD went into the game with a Miss Fortune and Amumu botlane combination that was almost impossible to stop. Their botlaner, Brance ended the game with a 8 /1/6 KDA and made it difficult for Fnatic to win the extended team fights.

After controlling the early game, LOUD kept control of the mid game and stopped any idea of a comeback from a strong Marek “Humanoid” Brázda. LOUD closed out the game after several oversteps from Fnatic in the jungle.

GROUP A blown open with one day left

With LOUD’s win, a first place finish is not certain for Fnatic anymore.. A win for Fnatic would have put them at 4-0 with just one game left to play. Now, they remain at 3-1 with a game against Beyond Gaming left.

Meanwhile, EG’s last two games are against Chief Esports and DFM, two teams at the bottom of the group. If EG win their last two games, they will be tied with Fnatic for first place; assuming Fnatic also win their last game. Despite defeating EG in the first game of playoffs, there will be a tie breaker game between the two teams as  head to head records will not break ties automatically.

LOUD's victory gives them more security heading into their final game. A win against Chiefs Esports will see them finish in third place.

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