Ever wondered what are the rarest skins in League of Legends? You’re about to find out!

League of Legends (LoL) is arguably the most popular online game today. Riot Games developed a phenomenon that has brought us esports teams, superstars ,major national tournaments and great LoL mobile gameplay. However, the most common guilty pleasures for most LoL players are skins which leads to the discussion of LoL rarest skins

League of Legends skins have been around since the game had a physical edition, featuring skins that will be hard to come across now. LoL features over 1,200 skins. Some are rare but found through legacy boxes. However, we will be focusing on LoL rarest skins that players may never have the opportunity to own themselves. Skins have gained more value thanks to the meteoric rise of LoL’s popularity, and because of that, players who have been competing in Summoner’s Rift since 2009 are likely to be carrying some of LoL rarest skins.

Pax Skins

Rarest League of Legends skins
Image via Riot Games

The PAX skins are a no-brainer on this list. PAX distributed these skins in person during live events in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2018 a reimagine Neo PAX Sivir was available for ten gemstones but was ultimately put back into the vault. Usually, older skins like these are made available through auctions through sites like eBay. Some of these skins came with expiry codes, making it almost impossible for the modern player to get.

Black Alistar

Image via Riot Games

The Black Alistar skin finds its way on this list because players could only obtain it by purchasing the digital version of the collector’s edition of League of Legends. Also, this skin was made available during the launch date, so you could still purchase the collector’s edition but miss out on the skin if you did not buy on its release. This skin’s design is fairly basic, although it will cost you over $500 if you were looking to find an account that had the skin.

Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank: LoL Rarest Skins
image credit: LOLSKINSHIP.com

In most cases, the rarest skins are the oldest ones. Rusty Blitzcrank is a part of the list of old skins that have increased in value every year. In 2009 Riot released this skin in the online store, but following numerous player complaints about its “low effort,” riot games removed it. Riot eventually updated the skin in 2014 but due to its clear similarity to the original Blitzcrank look, it is not likely you will come across this skin.

Young and Human Ryze

LoL Rarest Skins: Yougn Ryze and Human Ryze
image credit: ESTNN

These two skins for Ryze are some of the rarest in the game, and if you do not have an account with the skins, you are not likely to encounter them. The Young Ryze skin was available to players who pre-ordered their copy of League of Legends at launch. Ryze’s human skin is no longer available because there are no longer physical editions of the game.

Victorious Skins

LoL Rarest Skins: Victorious Skins
image credit: ESTNN

The victorious skin line showcases the talent of LoL players. Each season the player would have to finish in at least gold to acquire a victorious skin. These skins are available each season, but you have to climb in the ranked queues. The newer variants of this skin are more common due to player increase; however, the original Jarvan, Janna, and Elise’s Victorious skins are standouts.

King Rammus

King Rammus is arguably the most iconic lol rarest skin. This skin is incredibly hard to find because it was only available to players after the closed beta ended in October 2009. Riot offered the skin to any player that signed up and participated in the original beta testing. This skin is iconic because of its appearance, similar to Bowser from the Super Mario series. The only way to get this skin is by buying an account with it, which is against Riot Games T&C.

King Rammus
image credit: ESTNN