The wait was worth it as Riot’s new pop group, HEARTSTEEL, release their debut song, Paranoia, today, and we’ve got it on replay!

After numerous teasers across social media, League of Legends' next music group, HEARTSTEEL, has debuted and released their first song. HEARTSTEEL's debut, along with their skin set, was unveiled on October 23, on social media and YouTube.

HEARTSTEEL is Riot's second music group following the female K-pop-inspired KDA. HEARTSTEEL is similarly K-pop inspired, so it's no surprise their debut song has some big K-pop names involved in its production, including EXO and SuperM. Here's everything you need to know about HEARTSTEEL:

Which champions are in HEARTSTEEL?

HEARTSTEEL's full line-up consists of six of Runeterra's most desirable champions:

  • Sett
  • Ezreal
  • Aphelios
  • K'Sante
  • Kayn
  • Yone

If you weren't already obsessed with these champions, prepare to be about to become their biggest fans, as these Champions transcend the Rift, and become musical icons in their own incredible animated music video.

Who made HEARTSTEEL's music?

One of the biggest points of excitement for fans of LoL and K-pop, was the announcement of the collaboration with Byun "Baekhyun" Baek-hyun on the song. Baekhyun, a member EXO (all-male K-pop group) and SuperM (An all-male super group formed some of the biggest K-pop groups in the industry). Baekhyun's popularity (22 million followers on Instagram), had fans incredibly excited to see what he would bring to League of Legends, and you can hear it for yourself:

Alongside Baekhyun, a number of other big music names featured on the track such as Stefan "ØZI" Chen Yi-fan who is an America-Taiwanese singer-songwriter and rapper (perhaps most recognizable for his track LAVA). All we are waiting on now is a HEARTSTEEL x KDA collab!

Where can I find the debut song, Paranoia?

HEARTSTEEL's debut song, Paranoia, is available on YouTube and was released today (Oct. 23, 2023).

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