Considered the best ADC of all time, Uzi steps foot on the Rift for the first time since Worlds 2019.

After over two years, Uzi is back on the rift after the superstar AD Carry subbed in for Bilibili Gaming in game two of their best-of-three against Invictus Gaming. With his team already down 1-0 in their series, here is how Uzi and BLG got on in game 2.

Uzi is back on the board with his first kill

Is BLG now the best team in the world? well not exactly, but they certainly put up an excellent early game. As expected most of the action came around this bottom lane. BLG's support Crisp sadly picked up two crucial kills for BLG instead of them going onto Uzi. However, that didn't stop the veteran ADC from eventually earning his first kill since coming out of retirement.

Controlled early game from BLG

BLG did a great job at countering IG's punches in the bottom lane. This would result in a gold lead of 3k at the end of the landing phase. Throughout his career, Uzi worked best when his team would funnel resources and attention into the bottom lane. While this could hinder teammates, they were always aware a strong Uzi would take over the game.

Within the next five minutes, BLG would balloon that gold lead well beyond 5k. They had priority across the entire map and IG were starved of gold and jungle camps. At the second dragon, the game was all but over after a strong team fight saw BLG ace Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming strikes back with Baron

Although this game should have been out of sight for BLG. Invictus Gaming finally woke up and started playing League of Legends. Multiple successive team fights saw BLG claw their way back into this game and was able to secure baron at the 25th-minute mark.

Uzi and BLG hold the fort and secures victory in game two

In one of the craziest matches in a while, Uzi and the rest of BLG were able to hold on and snatch a victory in the jaws of defeat. After many successful teamfights from Invictus Gaming, they fell at the final hurdle as they attempted to take down the base of BLG.

Upon respawn, Uzi remained untouched as he put down the damage to stop IG from taking down the nexus. With the bottom lane already crashing in BLG's favor, FoFo and Uzi stormed the base of IG and was able to push this series to a game three.

This was a remarkable showing from Uzi and FoFo, the two carries of Bilibili Gaming. Even in losing fights, they were able to put out tons of damage to ensure IG could simply not run away with the game in the latter stages.

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