League Wrapped: fans created a video summary of your ranked season cover image

League Wrapped: fans created a video summary of your ranked season

League Wrapped is the latest way to show off your insane Season 12 plays or missed minions. Here’s how to make your own League Wrapped!

If you thought it was just a music company creating a summary for your end-of-season habits, then think again. League of Legends fans have introduced a way for players to compile their own video of best and worst plays from the last season. We take a look at how you can make your own League Wrapped!

Ahri skin (Image via Riot Games)
Ahri skin (Image via Riot Games)

What is League Wrapped Season 12?

League Wrapped is exactly what it sounds like. It's the exact same as the summaries you have for music apps and other apps, but the ranked season won’t show your power anthem for those long sessions in ranked queue.

You must visit the League Wrapped website to see clips from the ranked season. You can also view how many hours of ranked you played, see your final rank for League of Legends Season 12, and check out your win rate. If that's not enough, then you can also see the players who you've spent the most time with trying to climb the ranked ladder.

How do I create my own League of Legends Wrapped?

League Wrapped can be accessed through its website. Enter your Summoner Name and select the server you played on. If you play on more servers, then you'll get more videos. Hit "Enter" to create the video and see your season.

League Wrapped screenshot (Image via League Wrapped)
League Wrapped screenshot (Image via League Wrapped)

From there, you can share the video of your pop-off moments, amazing picks, or poor skirmishes and dives. In addition to sharing these with friends and on social media, you can also download and save them on your PC. We won’t judge you either way.

Will this continue in the future?

As this was not created by Riot Games, it's unclear if we will see it in future years. However, to the fans who created this — thank you. This brilliant idea can show progress over the season or remind players of why they "hate" League of Legends. Either way, it's a great addition to the community.

Many fans expressed an interest for Riot Games to design one of their own programs similar to this as well. If Riot Games are to design a program similar to this one, then what would you want to be included? Personally, I’d love to see how many times I died in ranked to a minion, but that’s just me.

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