Here’s how early you can start your Gladiator climb again.

Riot Games recently announced that the beloved League of Legends game mode, Arena, returns in 2024. Check out when the LoL Arena will release in 2024 here.

LoL Arena in 2024

As revealed in the dev blog by Riot Games, the LoL Arena will return on May 1, 2024 with patch 14.9. It will be live for the entirety of Split 2, meaning it will last a good few months.

Arena goes live in the following schedule:

EUW, EUN, RU, and TR regions 8am PT time, May 1, 2024

All other Riot regions (OCE, JP, NA, LAN, LAS, BR, KR, VN, TW, PH, TH, SG): 11am PT time, May 1, 2024

This is longer than the other iterations of Arena. "We want to give all of you more time to play. And that way we’ll learn how you like to play over a longer amount of time," says LoL Game Modes team Product Lead Eduaro "Riot Cadmus" Cortejoso. "When we go for shorter run times, the general trend is that modes spike dramatically and drop off as people are “done” with an event, so we’re going to measure Arena’s staying power this time around."

This also implies that Riot Games is thinking of making Arena a permanent LoL game mode. While the long run-time may be overwhelming, don't worry. There's a lot of new content to enjoy even if you've played Arena before.

There are a lot of new things added in Arena for its 2024 release.

Firstly, lobbies are doubling in size. Arena will now be 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2, meaning there will be 16 players in a given Arena lobby. The previous champion select rules still apply, meaning there will be 8 bans and picks will be done in phases.

There will also be a new map called "Koi Pond." There will also be new Augments and a whole item tier, Prismatics, to replace the now-gone Mythic items.

For more information on the 2024 iteration of LoL Arena, dubbed Arena V3, check out all the changes you should know before queueing up.

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