A League of Legends chat exploit is allegedly causing games to crash.

A game-breaking League of Legends exploit is allegedly plaguing the player base. Simply referred to as "The Dog," only one bad actor can crash the whole League of Legends lobby using the in-game chat.

What is "The Dog" in League of Legends?

At the center of this exploit is a string of the same dog kaomoji ૮ - ﻌ • ა multiple times. When sent to you via chat, it will supposedly crash your game. Polish streamer and content creator Drututt demonstrates this below.

While it was presented in a hilarious way as a prank to fellow streamer Sloppy Walrus, also known as Bomba Guy, it apparently didn't take too long for some players to abuse this supposed flaw.

G2 Hel player Maya "Caltys" Henckel called for Riot support to disable ranked after demonstrating the exploit.

Former professional player Kim "Wadid" Bae-in called out a specific player in the EU West server. Calling out to Riot Games support, he accompanied his X post with the suspected exploiter's account. "This guy is [a] hacker," said Wadid. "Using DDOS to win the game."

It's worth noting that all reports of the attacks are coming from the EU West server. One probable reason for this is the localization of different computers in different regions of the world. The dog text used to crash League of Legends games through the chat is full of special characters, and it may only have harmful effects specifically on European installations of the game.

It's also worth mentioning that a recent League of Legends update changed the in-game font and typeface after another recent change to it. This wasn't mentioned in the 14.13 patch notes, but Jordan Checkman, League of Legends design lead, posted about it on X.

As of the time of writing, Riot Games' support team has not yet acknowledged "The Dog" vulnerability in League of Legends or crash-causing chat messages. For now, we highly suggest turning off All Chat in-game via the settings. This wouldn't prevent attacks from your own chat, though.

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