League of Legends’ Smolder: Abilities, lore, release date, and more! cover image

League of Legends’ Smolder: Abilities, lore, release date, and more!

Smolder is the tiny Dragon coming to League of Legends in the first part of 2024. Here’s everything to know about LoL’s juvenile dragon!

Riot Games has unveiled Smolder, their cute, small dragon Champion, who’ll be headed into Summoners Rift in the League of Legends 2024 season. Along with an initial champion reveal, Riot went into details about the new Spyro-wannabe in a longer form video. And to save you some time, we’ve compiled all the info into a handy guide. Here’s everything you need to know about Smolder.

Everything we know about Smolder, LoL’s tiny dragon

An older version of the Smolder splash art (Image via Riot Games)
An older version of the Smolder splash art (Image via Riot Games)

Smolder, full name Ignacarious Gigantareno Rex Le Spes Offerentis, is a juvenile dragon who is reportedly meant to be played in the bot lane as an attack damage carry (ADC). With his mix of smaller AoE damage and single target focus, he’s great at damaging opposing targets, but can also use his mobility (What? It’s 2023, of course the high-damage ADC also has great mobility), crowd control, and large scale AoE ult, where he literally calls his mother to help him, to secure kills. 

Smolder Abilities

Here are Smolder’s abilities. What we really like is the fact that Smolder, a baby dragon, has chosen very childish names for his abilities. Very cute.

Passive - Dragon Practice

Smolder’s passive is Dragon Practice, which is a stacking damage buff for every time he damages an enemy with a spell or kills an enemy. This means the worst time to fight Smolder is in a protracted team fight, but means he’s easy to kill when he’s not been in a fight for a while.

Q - Super Scorcher

His Q is Super Scorcher Breath. This is your standard smaller attack which affects a decent area.

W - Achooo!

Smolder’s W is his crowd control, Achooo!, a AoE sneeze which damages and slows enemies. If it hits a champion, it deals bonus damage. Because snot is gross we guess.

E - Flap, Flap, Flap

Here’s the mobility! Smolder’s E is Flap, Flap, Flap where the tiny dragon takes flight for 1.25 seconds, ignores terrain and zooms into atack the lowest health enemy in range. Painful. Great for securing kills or hitting CS. 

Smolder’s Ultimate - MMOOOMMMM!

Just like your little cousin after you wouldn’t let them play on the PlayStation (We weren’t doing turns, there is no your turn), Smolder’s Ultimate is to call his Mom. MMOOOMMMM! Calls down Smolder’s mother, who breathes fire on an area of the map that will damage and slow enemies. And just because a huge AoE nuke isn’t enough for a new Champion in LoL, it also heals Smolder if he gets hit by the AoE. Can’t wait for ADC Smolders to nuke the wave on cooldown for unlimited sustain.

Smolder release date?

According to Riot Games, Smolder will arrive in-game in patch 14.3 which is scheduled for release on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2025.

How to unlock Smolder in League of Legends

Smolder will likely require 7,800 Blue Essence (BE) or 975 Riot Points (RP) on release. BE can be obtained by completing missions and events, leveling up, and disenchanting champion shards. Meanwhile, RP can be obtained through physical gift cards. Another option is to buy them online.

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