What is the most you have spent on a League of Legends skin?

League of Legends players may have to pay almost $200 if they want to get their hands on the new Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin chroma (skin). Riot Games are not shy on making their players open up their wallets and spending large amounts of money on their cosmetics. Dj Sona, one of the six ultimate skins, costs over $25. The potential price for the new Jhin skin takes skin prices to a completely different galaxy.

How to get the Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin skin

The Skins Team from Riot Games posted an official article on the League of Legends website announcing the newest "Mythic Variant", this time for Jhin. This new skin will be a "reimagining" of the Dark Cosmic Jhin which released in 2019. Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin will see an updated look, along with a new splash art, border and icon. Here is what the new skin will look like in game:

Video courtesy of Riot Games

In order to get the new Jhin skin, players will have to go through the same milestone system that was used for Immortal Journey Sona. To put it simply, after you have purchased 29 Cosmic 2023 Capsules, on the 30th you will recieve the new skin guaranteed. Players can earn the skin earlier although Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin only has a drop rate of 1%.

This means the odds of recieving the skin prior to unlocking all 30 capsules is next to impossible. The capsules costs 750 RP each. Meaning to unlock all 30, players must spend 22,500 on Riot Points. Therefore you must purchase the biggest RP bundle twice, which equates to $198.

Can Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin be earned through skin rerolls?

Unfortunately the chance to earn the skin through the reroll pool will not be coming any time soon. Riot confirmed this in their announcement article, stating the new Jhin skin will not be in the reroll pool until "some time in 2024".

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