League of Legends Patch Notes Schedule for 2024 cover image

League of Legends Patch Notes Schedule for 2024

Here’s when you can expect the next Patch Notes to drop.

League of Legends is one of the most popular video games globally and boasts millions of players. Riot Games, the developer, keeps the game fresh and balanced with regular patch updates. These updates are crucial for both casual players and competitive esports athletes, as they can significantly alter gameplay, champion viability, and overall strategy. As 2024 progresses, players need to stay informed about the upcoming League of Legends patch release dates. Here is a comprehensive guide to the League of Legends Patch Update Schedule for 2024.

League of Legends Patch Update Schedule 2024

Here's the schedule for the League of Legends patch updates for 2024. Note that all dates are in Pacific Time and may be subject to change by Riot Games.

Scheduled Date (Pacific Time)
Wednesday, Jan 10
Wednesday, Jan 24
Wednesday, Feb 7
Thursday, Feb 22
Wednesday, Mar 6
Wednesday, Mar 20
Wednesday, Apr 3
Wednesday, Apr 17
Wednesday, May 1
Wednesday, May 15
Thursday, May 30
Wednesday, Jun 12
Wednesday, Jun 26
Wednesday, Jul 17
Wednesday, Jul 31
Wednesday, Aug 14
Wednesday, Aug 28
Wednesday, Sept 11
Wednesday, Sept 25
Wednesday, Oct 9
Wednesday, Oct 23
Wednesday, Nov 6
Wednesday, Nov 20
Wednesday, Dec 11

In case there is any change to the patch schedule, Riot Games will notify users on their official page here.

Understanding the Impact of Patch Updates

League of Legends patch updates bring a mix of champion buffs, nerfs, item adjustments, and occasionally, new champions or reworks. These changes are vital to maintain the game's balance and ensure a fair competitive landscape. Understanding and adapting to these updates can give players an edge in their matches, whether they're climbing the solo queue ladder or competing in high-stakes tournaments.

Preparing for the Patches

To stay ahead in League of Legends, it's essential to prepare for these updates. Players should do the following: 

  • Keep an Eye on Patch Notes: Riot Games releases detailed patch notes for each update, explaining the changes and their expected impact on the game.
  • Stay up to date with community reactions: Following esports analysts, professional players, and community forums can provide insights into how each patch will shape the meta.
  • Test Changes in Game: Experience the changes firsthand by playing the game post-update. This hands-on approach is the best way to understand the impact of each patch.

Any update usually might also have a few bugs, so if something seems broken, it should be fixed soon. New Patch releases are a great way to rank up and improve your understanding of the game. Most players are in a similar boat after a new patch update and as such, this is the best time to improve your League of Legends rank.

The League of Legends Patch Update Schedule for 2024 is packed with dates that could bring significant changes to the game. By staying informed and adaptable, players can maintain their competitive edge and enjoy the dynamic world of League of Legends. Keep this schedule handy and mark your calendars for each patch release date!

For more esports news and updates, follow Esports.gg. Stay tuned for in-depth analyses of each patch and how they impact the professional League of Legends scene.