Lead devs give insights into LoL’s next updates cover image

Lead devs give insights into LoL’s next updates

Plenty to be excited about…

The lead developers of League of Legends are back with another update for the community, on the new changes that we can expect to see. In a post on Twitter made yesterday (March 17) Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler outlined a series of new changes fans to enjoy.

What is coming to LoL soon?

As announced in a Twitter video on the official League of Legends page, Andrei "Riot Meddler" van Roon and Jeremy "Riot Brightmoon" Lee were back. Within the video, they explained to the LoL community what to expect for the next set of changes coming to the game.

The main changes that are coming relate to the following:

  • Skarner’s VGU
  • Rell Midscope Update
  • Blue Essence Emporium
  • Star Guardian Orianna and Senna
  • Quick Play

These changes are in line with the plan set by Riot to do more champion updates across the year. This includes changes to kits and improve champions generally.

Skarner’s VGU

Skarner VGU Updates - Image via Riot Games
Skarner VGU Updates - Image via Riot Games

Skarner has been undergoing changes to his kit and general gameplay. However, due to the large amount of changes being made to Skarner, his development has been slower. So he will have his updates released later than originally planned. But this delay is in favor of making sure his changes are in the best interest of gameplay.

These developments include changes to his scorpion style, lore tweaks to the Brackern, and the heroic archetype he holds as part of the game.

Rell Mid-scope Update

Rell changes incoming - Image via Riot Games
Rell changes incoming - Image via Riot Games

Mid-scope updates relate to not full reworks, but still quite significant changes to characters while in game. Fundamentally its about creating less dissonance between the art style how this translate into gameplay. Riot Meddler describes this as where there are either lots of opportunity, or lots of issues.

For Rell in particular, this is to do with changes to her mounting and demounting with her lance, throughout the game. The changes that will be on Rell are to play further into her fantasy-style aesthetic with her horse and lance. Meaning she will feel like a fearless fighter and incredible knight whether she has dismounted or not.

Blue Essence Emporium

Blue Essence Emporium will be returning this summer - Image via Riot Games
Blue Essence Emporium will be returning this summer - Image via Riot Games

Previously removed in 2022, Blue Essence Emporium was taken down for some updates. These updates include revamping and redoing the technology behind it. This means that with some final checks, we can expect to see this back on the Rift in time for summer. This version will function differently, but will be similar to the version seen in 2022.

Star Guardian Orianna and Senna

Star Guardian Senna Skin from Wild Rift - Image via Riot Games
Star Guardian Senna Skin from Wild Rift - Image via Riot Games

These skins in particular are part of bringing over skins from League of Legends: Wild Rift onto the Rift on your PC. Although Star Guardian Seraphine has already been put forward to join the main Rift, Star Guardian Orianna and Senna will also be moving across. This update on the skins is expected around July 2023. Xayah and Rakan Star Guardian skins from Wild Rift will follow after Seraphine, Orianna, and Senna.

Quick Play

Effectively an evolution of Blind Pick, Quick Play will apparently keep the best parts of Blind Pick but remove the less-fun parts. This means that you will still be able to choose your favorite champion and role to play, with the guarantee of getting one of those in your next game. The game will then start loading while in queue, you see what champion or role you got and then get straight into game like how you would on Blind Pick.

Additional changes

As mentioned in the video by Riot Meddler and Brightmoon, there will be more themes and events coming to League of Legends in the near future. This includes themed skins and events for big events such as MSI as well as new skins for champions who haven’t had new skins in a while. These new skins will be coming to Udyr and Mundo as well as Shyvana!

April 4 onwards will see League of Legends no longer supported on 32-bit operating systems, meaning all players will need a 64 bit operating system or higher to continue playing. Security features will also be improving which will improve the anti-cheat software and bot detection systems.

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