Cloud9 regains the LCS top spot from TSM while 100 Thieves continue to be right on their trail after their 3-0 week 2 results.

The LCS Summer 2021 split week 1 was electric to say the least. We saw both Immortals and TSM FTX flexing over the rest of the league, going 3-0 on the opening weekend. Both teams went into week 2 undefeated, with a target on their backs for anyone going up against them.

On the other side, Cloud9 and Team Liquid experienced disappointing 1-2 opening results. Both of which went into week 2 with a killer instinct and

Cloud9 back at the top

Rank: 1st
Record: 17-7
Rank Change:+1 place

After TSM snatched the number one spot in the LCS standings because of Cloud9's poor performance in week 1, they are out looking for a fight. The LCS 2021 Spring and Mid-Season Showdown champions shut down any doubts their fans had, at least for this week. They came up against FlyQuest, Counter Logic Gaming, and Dignitas.

There is an argument to be made on the difficulty of the matches when you take into consideration two of these teams are in the bottom half of the table. However, a win is a win and it is everything they need to go into week 3 with full confidence. That's exactly what they will need against TSM and EG, two of their opponents this weekend. The high flying aggressive Evil Geniuses especially will be an incredibly tough matchup.

100 Thieves 3-0 still not enough for 1st

Rank: Tied 2nd
Record: 16-8
Rank Change: +1 place

Felix "Fakerdagge" Braun came to 100 Thieves' rescue when they needed him the most. The imported mid laner from Schalke 04 was finally unleashed from Karma duty to be put on Akali when facing TSM. The German finished the game with a 6/0/4. From that KDA, it should be a clear guess who won between 100 Thieves and TSM.

100 Thieves carried over this momentum for the remaining matches over the weekend against Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses. With a distinctive style of play and a bit of swagger to their compositions, 100 Thieves are without a doubt one of the most exciting teams to watch in the LCS right now.

TSM goes bearish

Rank: Tied 2nd
Record: 16-8
Rank Change: -1 place

TSM FTX experienced a massive dip in their performance in week 2. The organization managed to only accumulate one win from three matches, namely against Counter Logic Gaming. Even during that game, they were down by 2 kills up until the 13th minute at the second dragon fight. TSM FTX looked lost in most of their games, unable to identify clear winning conditions in their composition to play towards.

The team takes on Immortals, Dignitas, and Cloud9, which will surely be a spectacle regardless of each team's individual form. We heard before from IMT Raes they are going back to the drawing board to "practice, recognize the meta better and try and keep the style that [they] want to play well." Whether that will mean trouble for TSM FTX, we will have to wait and see.

Team Liquid shaky but getting it done

Rank: 4th place
Record: 15-9
Rank Change: -1 place

Team Liquid fell to the highly inform and dangerous Evil Geniuses, but managed to snatch victories off of Dignitas and Immortals. The team doesn't really have any convincing victories so far. All their performances have been somewhat shaky, and the wins feel they could have went either way most of the times.

They go up against FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, and 100 Thieves. Team Liquid should look into winning the first two to solidify their mid-table position, but if they want to go up the standings, 100 Thieves is a must win. From my point of view, and the recent performances we have seen, I doubt we will see a strong showing from Team Liquid in week 3.

Dignitas struggles against top teams

Rank: 5th
Record: 14-10
Rank Change: -2 place

Dignitas are currently sitting in 5th, after losing to Team Liquid and breaking that three-way tie we had going on after the end of week 1. DIG Dardoch once again played a focal role in their victory against Immortals. Although the jungler himself played down the idea of his individual performance necessarily being a big factor in Dignitas' victories, but it sure seems like it does.

Dignitas go up against Golden Guardians, TSM, and Counter Logic Gaming. Both GG and CLG are desperate to start putting Ws on the board as they really need it to keep any hopes of making playoffs alive. On the other hand, Dignitas will need to step it up against TSM to climb the standings and secure that playoff position.

Evil Geniuses: Bangers everywhere!

Rank: 6th
Record: 12-12
Rank Change: no change

While Evil Geniuses may not be the most consistent team when it comes to their on-rift performances, what they are consistent in is providing entertainment to the LCS and its fans. EG started the week off with a solid victory over Immortals, Impact was one of the starts of this game as he went 5/0/5 on Akali.

Business picked up when Evil Geniuses took on Team Liquid in their second match of week two. This is by far the most entertaining match of the summer split thus far. Both teams were relentless in their pursuit to win the match with multiple nexus defenses. Ultimately, Evil Geniuses were able to walk away with the victory on this one. 

Evil Geniuses' first and only loss this week came at the hands of 100 Thieves. This was not a close game with the number one team in the summer split dismantling Evil Geniuses. EG only managed two kills to their name in what was a quick best-of-one.

Immortals: IMT undo 3-0 week 1 with 0-3 week 2

Rank: 7th
Record: 10-14
Rank Change: no change

After a surprising 3-0 week to start off the LCS, Immortals undid their incredible work by going 0-3 this week. The LCS side looked lost at all stages of their games this week as they went up against Evil Geniuses, Dignitas and Team Liquid.

While the strength of schedule was much harder this week for Immortals, it was expected of them to at the very least put up a challenge. IMT will have to get their act together and fast as they go up against Cloud9 and TSM in week three.

FlyQuest: It could have been worse

Rank: 8th
Record: 9-15
Rank Change: no change

It was an up and down week for FlyQuest with the LCS side going 1-2 on the week, though it could have been much worse for them if they did not pick up that victory against TSM. FlyQuest started off the week being perfect gamed by a resurging Cloud9. FlyQuest’s hard work to take down TSM was undone with an upset defeat at the hands of GGS.

Things do not get any easier for FlyQuest, they go up against 100 Thieves who look like the best team in the league right now, and Team Liquid. FLY rounds out the week with an important match against Immortals. The Immortals match in particular is a must-win if they are to secure a better seeding in the playoffs. A win against either TL or 100T would simply be a bonus.

Counter Logic Gaming: So close yet so far

Rank: 9th
Record: 6-18
Rank Change: no change

It is a sad time if you are a CLG fan, seeing your side take the lead in so many games but end up throwing. This was on display in CLG’s matches against the number one seed in C9 and the number two seed in TSM. CLG are able to put themselves in great positions early on into the game, but will lose control around the objectives such as dragons.

Next week does not get any easier for Counter Logic Gaming as they go up against EG, 100T and Dignitas. Given EG and DIG’s inconsistencies, those games are where fans could expect CLG to cause an upset based on how those two teams like to play the game, which is scrappy.

Golden Guardians: They are improving

Rank: 10th
Record: 5-19
Rank Change: no change

Despite being in dead last, Golden Guardians have had a decent start to the summer split by their standards. The LCS side is 2-4 going into week three, this includes having played the top three sides in Cloud9, 100 Thieves, and TSM. This is a great sign for them moving forward in the season and for their confidence going into 2022.

Every week is an uphill battle for the Golden Guardians as they go up against TL, EG, and DIG in week three. Solo has been a shining light for this Golden Guardians squad. The veteran top laner as expected has been the glue for his side and has put out impressive performances already in the summer split.