The 2021 LCS Championships will create an experience perfect for the viewers through LCS Partners and Showmatches.

100 Thieves, Cloud9 and Team Liquid will compete this weekend at the 2021 LCS Championships to become the 2021 LCS Summer Split Champions. As the three representatives going to Worlds 2021 for North America, this weekend will determine how the three teams will seed at Worlds.

However, similar to other LCS finals, there is so much more than just the games. Aside from the battle for the trophy, there are multiple side events and live shows that will take place during the event. Here is what you need to know about the 2021 LCS Championships weekend.

The 2021 LCS Championships will take place at the LCS Arena due to Covid.
The 2021 LCS Championships will take place at the LCS Arena due to Covid.

Grubhub to host the Feeding Frenzy at 2021 LCS Championships

The LCS Championships titular partnership, Grubhub, will be the primary source for many different festives throughout the weekend. This will be known as the "Feeding Frenzy", the second of it's kind.

Here are a list of the different activities they will help with.

Illenium vs JAUZ showmatch

Musical artists IIIenium and JAUZ will face off against eachother in a showmatch alongside multiple League Personalities. The teams can be found below.

Team IIIenium

  • Luxx
  • Hai
  • Damonte
  • Skooch


  • Nicki Taylor
  • VernNotice
  • Meteos
  • Voyboy

On top of their showmatch, the two artists will also provide a live concert in-between the breaks. These breaks will also feature live stream coverage and a Blazin Challenge, a Buffalo Wild Wings wing-eating contest between Nicki Taylor and VernNotive.

The 2021 LCS Championships Feeding Frenzy will be an opportunity to detatch themselves from the stress and intensity of the final LCS games.

Bud Light and Roccat hosting giveaways at 2021 LCS Championships

Both Bud Light and Roccat will be present throughout the event as partners that will provide an opportunity for viewers to win goodies during the weekend.

Bud Light are hosting a social campaign that will allow fans to win merchandise as soon as a Nexus is destroyed. Every time a Nexus is destroyed at LCS, fans will be able to tweet to BudLightGaming using #DestroyTheNexus for an opportunity to win free beer as well as an ultimate gaming bundle. They will also run a sweepstake where the grand prize winner will receive the opportunity to duo with a caster.

As for Roccat, they will be providing giveaways in the form of gaming peripherals. These giveaways will be done through social segments and through Phreak's Rate My Plays.

Honda giving away a car

In what feels like a dream scenario for any LCS fan, Honda will announce the results of the LCS Super Fan contest during broadcast. Here, the winner will take home the Honda Civic Type R Infernal Drake.

Leading up to the 2021 LCS Championships, fans are given the opportunity to nominate someone for the LCS Super Fan and the custom Type R that goes along with it. After multiple different nominations, the community eventually widdled that number down to four candidates.

The Honda Civic Type R Infernal Drake will be shown around the event during the livestream among other Honda x LCS models throughout the event. By the end, the lucky LCS Super Fan will be leaving the weekend with a brand new car.

The 2021 LCS Championships weekend will begin on Saturday, August 28 at 5pm EST. Cloud9 and 100 Thieves will face off in the loser's bracket. The winner will meet Team Liquid in the grand finals on Sunday.

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