We sit down with all the LCS Midlaners and made them choose one champion if they were ever forced to become a one-trick pony.

We sat down with LCS toplaners and the junglers. Now it is time for LCS midlaners to get their fair share of attention. We decided to switch it up this time around and make it a bit more fun. In League of Legends' solo-queue, you find a lot of interesting accounts to say the least. They play only one champion, and if it is banned or picked by the opposition, they dodge.

That's why we decided to put the LCS midlaners in a situation where they had to choose one champion to play and become an one-trick pony for the rest of their careers. The answers ranged from childhood favorites to finding a loophole around the question with the newly released champion, Viego.

Question: If you could one-trick a champion in your role and never play anything else, which champion would it be and why?

C9 Perkz: I don't know. I don't really like playing the same champion over and over again. I used to be a Zed one-trick when I was younger. I will just play Zed again and he was my first main.

EG Jiizuke: Probably Katarina if she was powerful enough. She fits my playstyle and really fun to play. You get one reset and you can keep killing everyone. Riot nerfed her to death too many times.

TL Jensen: I would choose Zed. I think Zed is the one that has the most mechanical outplay potential. There is so many different ways you can play a fight. Other champions, like Akali, it is very predictable what they are going to do. With Zed and his shadows, you can try out different things especially when he is strong in the meta.

IMT Insanity: Jayce. He is pretty versatile, fun to play, and aesthetically pleasing whenever you pick him. He is very enjoyable to play no matter what the matchup or the opposing team composition is.

TSM PowerOfEvil: I would choose AP Kogmaw. Mainly because you get to evolve with every ultimate so it kind of changes the game and how you play. Additionally, you can play him as an AP or even as an ADC.

I feel like there is many options to go with him. If I had to choose another then it has to be Orianna because she is the OG and she has never really been out of meta.

FLY Palafox: It would probably be either Viego or Sylas because you get to play as other champions. It will mostly end up being Viego really.

GG Ablazeolive: Definitely Viego because I will get to play the other champions too. I mean that is like half a meme and half me being serious. Viego is really fun to play because there is so many possibilities.

The sentiment around Sylas was very similar when he was released. His level 16 ultimate is on like an 8-second cooldown. It allowed him to steal ultimates and use them at least 3 times during a teamfight. It was really complicated, and Viego is really similar in that manner.

DIG Yusui: Lee Sin. It feels a bit like flavor of the month, but every game you play him you get to do something better and flashier than before. It would be less boring if I had to play only one at least.

100T Abedagge: I can't really imagine myself ever doing that. If I absolutely had to, I would maybe play something cheeky like Leblanc. It is mainly because she is fun and there is a lot of things to do with her. It would probably get one-dimensional quickly if I choose another champion.

CLG Pobelter: The problem is I think any champion would get stale if you play only that champion. It will have to be Viego so I can get to play other champions.

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