The match will still place in Week 4, only on a different day.

The first match of the LCS Super Week has been postponed, Riot announced in a statement today. The match between Evil Geniuses and Flyquest will now take place on the 27th of February, the fourth game of the day.

Technical issues in the LCS studios have resulted in this decision to postpone the highly anticipated game. 

League Officials have identified a technical issue that they believe will impact the integrity of the upcoming game, so Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest will be postponed until a later date.

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Why was the match between Evil Geniuses and Flyquest postponed?

Technical issues in the LCS studios plagued the game between Immortals and CLG with multiple pauses on the first day of Week 4. The players and fans were frustrated with the poor playing conditions during the last game of the day.

Eventually, Immortals closed out the game in 31 minutes, but there were obviously some technical issues that could affect the LCS games going forward. 

Riot Games has now changed the schedule to fix these issues and ensure a smooth viewing and playing experience. This would be the first time in history that a regular season LCS match has seen a change in schedule.

When is the EG vs Flyquest game?

In a subsequent tweet, LCS has announced the match between Evil Geniuses and Flyquest will take place on February 27. The match will take place right after 100Thieves and Cloud9 match. 

This means Flyquest will have to play two consecutive matches as it also plays against Immortals soon after. 

The LCS Super Week comprises some really exciting matches including 100Thieves vs Cloud9 and Cloud9 vs Flyquest.

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