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LCS Champions Queue live standings: Who is on top? cover image

LCS Champions Queue live standings: Who is on top?


Who will be the fourth LCS player to become a Champions Queue champion?

The LCS Champions Queue 2023 Spring Season is officially underway. North America's best players have been battling it out in competitive tournament realm matches. With domestic competition returning in the near future, this is the best opportunity for LCS, academy and amateur pros to get quality solo queue practise ahead of the new season.
Here is the current LCS Champions Queue leaderboard:
2,117 LP
IMT Tactical
2,057 LP
TSM Maple
2,043 LP
C9 FakeGod
2,042 LP
TL Yeon
2,042 LP
100 Yukino
2,041 LP
FEAR Minui
2,039 LP
TL Arrow
2,034 LP
R7 Bong
2,034 LP
TL Kim Down
2,033 LP

Who has won LCS Champions Queue in the past?

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Champions Queue is currently in its fourth split since the introduction of the new solo queue environment in the 2022 Spring Split. When it first launched, CQ also had the incentive of winning a large cash prize as a reward for finishing above every other player in the region. This still remains to this day with the prize pool being an impressive $40,000.
Here are the three previous winners of the LCS Champions Queue:
  • Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen
  • Noh "Arrow" Dong-hyeon
  • Bill "Eyla" Nguyen
This article will be updated daily with the live Champions Queue standings.
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