LCS 2023 Summer Split: Cloud9 takes down Evil Geniuses to reclaim first cover image

LCS 2023 Summer Split: Cloud9 takes down Evil Geniuses to reclaim first

Which squad will secure sole possesion of first place?

The 2023 LCS Summer Split returns with a huge battle at the top with Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses. Both squads have been by far the best teams in the league, with EG boasting a 7-1 record, and C9 just one game behind. For Cloud9, this is business as usual, the reigning back-to-back champions are vying for their first-ever three-peat. For EG, this is a chance to prove they made the correct decisions with their new roster, spearheaded by MVP candidate Joseph Joon "jojopyun" Pyun.

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses live results

Team One
Team Two
Evil Geniuses

C9 vs EG match highlights

This was by far the most dominant game of the LCS Summer Split with Cloud9 taking a resounding victory to reclaim first place after the third week. Blaber was off Vi duty and back on one of his signature champions in Kindred. This combined with the Cloud9 bottom lane getting the early push advantage allowed for the C9 jungler to get off an early dive onto the level one bottom lane of Evil Geniuses.

After a disastrous level one play last night again Team Liquid, it was imperative for Cloud9 to get off to a strong start in this one. With the bottom lane virtually over, and Emenes getting the shove in mid, C9 was able to take advantage of the situation and once again tower dive EG's bot. With an almost 5k gold lead at 10 minutes, the game was all but over before Evil Geniuses could ever get started.

The Renekton pick, like yesterday for Fudge, was completely nullified on the side of EG with Fudge also doing well to ensure Revenge could never bail his squad out with an across-map teleport play. Cloud9 ended the game swiftly, making a statement to the rest of the LCS that they are still the head of the table.

How can I watch Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses?

Fans of the LCS will be able to watch this best-of-one on the official LCS Twitch channel. We have embedded the stream to this article so you do not have to leave the page.

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