Back to where it all began. Fans will be able to cheer for their favorite teams live at the venue.

The LCK will return to Kintex with a live audience towards the end of the current season. The Goyang exhibition center will welcome back fans to celebrate its 10-year-anniversary. 

It is a walk down memory lane for many LoL fans as they will get to see their favorite teams live in action. The first LCK final, in 2012, also took place at the Goyang exhibition center and fans will be present to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

“LCK has undergone many changes and growth over the past 10 years.” said LCK Secreatry General Aiden Lee. “We decided to hold this final at KINTEX with the meaning of taking another leap forward while succeeding.”

It will be the first time that the LCK Finals will feature a live audience since 2019.

The LCK Summer Finals 2019 took place at the Korea University's Hwajeong Gymnasium. LCK Summer 2020 and LCK Spring 2021 took place online due to COVID restrictions. The 2021 Summer Finals saw teams return to LAN at the CJ ENM Studios. However, the event still did not allow fans at the venue. The LCK Spring Split 2022 will be the first time in more than two years that fans will be present live at the venue. 

We are in the final week of the LCK 2022 Group stage. T1 and Gen.G have already secured their semifinals spots. The next four teams will qualify to the playoffs. 

Special COVID guidelines for players

KINTEX: The venue of the first LCK in 2012. Image Credit: <a href=";category=15691110&amp;order_type=desc&amp;listStyle=webzine&amp;document_srl=4439245025">FMKorea</a>.
KINTEX: The venue of the first LCK in 2012. Image Credit: FMKorea.

With the number of the confirmed cases among the league members rising, the LCK has been in discussions with the teams since the end of February on the ways for COVID positive players to participate in the playoffs, and was recently able to reach an understanding from all teams.

COVID positive players will still be able to compete in the LCK, albeit online. LCK has laid out new rules regarding participation by players testing positive for COVID. 

  • The decision to participate in the game is up to the confirmed player.
  • The player’s intention to participate in the game must be delivered to the League management team via the player’s personal email.
  • The player will participate online remotely in a separated isolated space prepared by teh team.
  • Along with a front camera, a camera that can rotate 360 degrees and transmit/receive audio must be installed to monitor the player’s video and audio in real time. 
  • The other players will participate offline.,
  • If the confirmed player is unable to play due to worsening symptoms, emergency call-ups can be made before the game. 
  • The emergency call-up cannot be reversed to make the confirmed player participate after it is made.
  • Substitutions are only allowed within the roster during the game.

There are also additional rules to prevent unprofessional play. Fans can catch all the action live on Twitch