The streamer and athlete have teamed up to create an organization that could take Europe by storm. KOI gathered an instant following on Twitter.

After months of rumours and reports, the esports organization owned by streamer Ibai Llanos and FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué has arrived. Known as KOI, the organization was predicted to draw a massive audience, and hasn't disappointed, gathering over 250,000 Twitter followers after just one day of the account being active.

KOI have announced their roster and played their first game, and while they are only playing in Europe's second tier, the fanbase they'll bring has the potential to push League of Legends far forward.

A crazy start and the potential to push Europe forward

The combination of one of the biggest streamers in the world and a sporting star was always going to bring big things. The vod of KOI's announcement and first match has a combined 5.7 million views - 4.2 of those from Ibai's channel. KOI already has 270,000 Twitter followers and 171,000 Instagram followers. They're bringing in the kinds of numbers European League of Legends has never seen... well, maybe has seen once.

KOI in their debut match. Image via <a href="">KOI on Twitter.</a>
KOI in their debut match. Image via KOI on Twitter.

KOI vs. Karmine Corp

In 2021, Karmine Corp debuted. Owned by popular French streamer Kamel "Kamet0" Kebir, they brought the kind of empassioned fanbase that is so hard to come by. Despite playing in the European Tier 2 circuit, Kcorp's games often got more viewership than Tier 1 LEC games.

Kcorp won EU Masters back-to-back, making them successful on the rift as well, and were congratulated for it by French president Emmanuel Macron. Then they capped off their year by signing LoL superstar Martin "Rekkles" Larssen for 2022.

Now, KOI is trying to replicate Kcorp's success. With such huge figures behind it, the organization may succeed. The European Regional Leagues are already probably the most successful Tier 2 circuit in Esports, and maybe the most successful in the entire sporting world. Kcorp started this train, now we'll see just how far KOI can take it.

And who better for KOI to debut against than Kcorp? The two teams are playing showmatches before the start of next season. This first one was held in KOI's home ground of Barcelona, Spain, and one in the new year will be played in France. Matches are being streamed on Ibai and Kamet0's Twitch channels.

KOI have begun life with a 2-1 win, as they were able to overcome the star-studded Kcorp lineup. Some big plays from Jørgen "Hatrixx" Elgåen led the way for KOI.

KOI couldn't have asked for a better start. The org is here to bring a monstrous fanbase to further develop European League. With the numbers they've put up today, they're well on their way.

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