The new champion was leaked through dataminers who found code for Renata on a Chinese version of Teamfight tactics.

Although League of Legends latest champion Zeri has only been on the rift a few days, it looks like Riot is about to introduce its latest champion, Renata. The discovery was made when a player datamined the Chinese version of Teamfight tactics. Renata was also found amongst a list of champions that will be part of a new skin line.

Twitter user SybrLoL tweeted an image on January 19th, which leaked a new skinline that is rumoured for release on patch 12.5 In the image below, users can also point out that a new champion, which we know as Renata, is expected to release sometime in March.

What do we know about Renata so far?

At the time of writing this article, there is very little information about the upcoming champion. However, what we do know is that Renata is expected to be support given multiple Riot announcements that an AD Carry, Void jungler and 'the dark support' are making their way to Summoners Rift. Given the leaked images we have seen, the first image is a high-resolution image of Renata.

TFT leaks gives insight into one of Renatas abilities

Although the leaks are from TFT, the Twitter account MonstrousYi attempted to translate the ability Renata, a the potentially next League of Legends champion, would be using in TFT.

  • Passive: Renata's basic attacks deal 1/2/5% of the target maximum health as true damage.
  • Active: Renata fires a missile that hits all enemies, dealing 200/300/900 magic damage, reducing their magic resist by 1/015/30. At the end of the missile, it will explode. Enemies entering the explosion area will also lose magic resist. The magic reduction can be stacked.

Disclaimer: is simply reporting what has been leaked and has no information on Renata. This article will be updated upon the further release of concrete information.

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