Who is the Iron Boar? This article will explore how this demigod is associated with the new Udyr rework.

After long anticipation, Riot Games finally released the reveal trailer for the upcoming rework of Udyr, The Spirit Walker. With the game ever-evolving, Riot Games felt it was time for Udyr to receive some love. The Udyr rework is just one of many visual and gameplay updates (VGU) Riot is planning to release in the upcoming months and years. In the trailer, fans get a comprehensive look into what is to come for the Spirit Walker.

Who is the Iron Boar?

<em>Image credit: leagueoflegends.fandom.com</em>
Image credit: leagueoflegends.fandom.com

The Iron Boar goes by the name of Ildhaurg and is a demigod that is part of the Freijlord region in League of Legends lore. Ildhaurg is not a playable character in League of Legends but is a useable card in Legends of Runeterra known as Wrath of the Friejlord. In League of Legends lore, Tryndamere's tribe was known to pray a ferocious creature, hinting at Ildhaurg.

"Tryndamere came into the world knowing only the harshness of survival, for the frozen steppes where his clan made their home never truly thawed. Though they praised all the Freljord’s old gods, as well as the Cult of the Three, they prayed most often to a spirit-deity known to ravage the tundra—a hearty and unkillable tusklord. Since the raw materials required for armor were scarce, the clan instead put its resources toward the forging of great blades, inspired by their god’s ivory canines." -Tryndamere Biography

As explained below, Ildhaurg will now have their presence felt on Summoners Rift, playing a large role in one of Udyr's new abilities.

Udyr's stances reflect Friejlord gods including Ildhaurg - Iron Boar

Based on the trailer, Udyr will still have four stances that will be the core of his League of Legends kit. However, the 'stances' will be much different, as they appear to be in line with multiple LoL champions as well as the Iron Boar, also known as Ildhaurg. Here are the four League of Legends characters that were referenced in the Udyr Gameplay Trailer.

  • Anivia
  • Volibear
  • Ornn
  • Ildhaurg - Iron Boar

Trick2G showcases reworked Udyr on stream

Popular League of Legends streamer Trick2G got the opportunity to test out the reworked Udyr on stream, revealing to his audience each of Udyr's abilities and passive. Here is everything you need to know for the rework Udyr abilities:

Passive: Awakened Spirit

Instead of a traditional ultimate like most champions, Udyr has four basic abilities that he can rotate between. The reworked Udyr has two stances, and re-casting an ability while it is on cooldown will Awaken the ability.

Q: Wilding Claw

Wilding Stance: Udyr gains 25% attack speed for 4 seconds. Udyr's next two attacks in this stance maul the target to deal a bonus 3.2% max health physical damage.

Awaken: Grants 34% additional attack speed. During this time, Udyr's next two attacks call lighting to strike six times, each dealing up to 10.6% max health magic damage to isolated targets.

W: Iron Mantle

Mantle Stance: Udyr gains 63 Shield for 4 seconds. Udyr's next two attacks in this stance additionally gain 10% Life Steal and restore 12 health on hit.

Awaken: Shield increased to 178 and Udyr regenerates 89 health over 4 seconds. Stance Life on hit and Lifesteal bonuses are doubled during this duration.

E: Blazing Stampede

Stampede Stance: Udyr gains 30% movement speed which decays over 4 seconds. Additionally, Udyr's attacks in this stance lunge and stun targets for 0.75 seconds.

Awaken: Grants immunity to immobilizing and disabling effects and grants an additional 32% movement speed.

R: Wingborne Storm

Storm Stance: Udyr surrounds himself in a glacial storm for 4 seconds, dealing magic damage per second to nearby enemies inside, slowing them by 15%. Udyr's next two attacks in this stance deal 14 magic damage to enemies in the storm.

Awaken: Unleash the storm, causing it to seek a nearby enemy. Deals an additional 9.4% max health damage over the remainder of its duration.

These ability statistics are not final as Udyr is yet to be released on the League of Legends PBE.

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