G2 released their scrim records and it’s giving fans hope for MSI.

G2 Esports' Spring 2024 scrim record has been released by their Head Coach, and the four-time defending champions of the LEC have an impressive record in practice. Here's a full breakdown of the G2 Spring 2024 scrim record and why it's so impressive headed into MSI.

G2 go 110-39 in impressive Spring 2024 record

G2 Esports' Head Coach, Romain Bigeard, published the team's scrimmage record alongside their stage games for the entirety of the Spring 2024 split. The simple truth of the matter is that it's rather impressive. Bigeard also published their scrim stats during Winter 2024, and it seems he plans to make this a regular occurrence.

In the photos posted, every formal practice game played by the now-champions is laid out. Over the course of the split, the team had 110 wins contrasted with 39 losses. Many of G2's losses are frontloaded early into the split, painting a picture of an increasingly consistent and dominant roster. The most successful LEC team against them was Fnatic. Their classic rivals managed to be a third of G2's losses at 13 games.

However, it seems that Fnatic had G2's number early on in the split. before the red-and-black champions hit their stride. The other teams who gave G2 losses in either scrims or regular play are BDS, MAD, Karmine Corp, and Vitality.

G2 takes dominant split and looks to MSI

With their fourth consecutive LEC title, there seems to be little that the rest of European League of Legends can do to contest them. The 2024 Mid-Season Invitational will take place May 1-May 19 in Chengdu, China.

The team has revolutionized the current state of pro play by reintroducing lane swaps in the LEC Spring playoffs. With the LEC looking for vindication after a weak Worlds 2023 performance, G2's split record is a good reason for fans to have hope for the all-star team.

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