Yet another day at the office for G2 as they almost break their own record in the LEC

After faltering to SK Gaming yesterday, G2 Esports continued their dominant scrim form on stage with the second-fastest win in LEC history. The team took down Team Heretics in an astounding 18 minutes and 40 seconds. The win also became the fastest game in LEC in four years.

G2 controlled the game from beginning to end and shocked both casters of the game when they marched towards Heretic's base just 16 minutes after taking the second rift herald.

"I was anticipating G2 maybe slowing down, playing their lanes a little more but they don't need to," said Trevor "Quickshot" Henry. "They are so far ahead that Heretics simply cannot stand toe to toe."

Image screenshot via LEC
Image screenshot via LEC

After finding out about how fast the game was, G2's Steven "Hans Sama" Liv joked about wanting to beat the fastest record. "My team was really trying to set up like Belveth," said Hans sama. "We [did] second herald and tried to end the game really fast. I wish that we were the first one."

Fastest games in the LEC

While Hans Sama and his teammates were not able to beat their organization's fastest time for an LEC game, they were not entirely far off from breaking that record. The current record for the fastest win in LEC history sits with G2 after their 2019 win against Origen.

The European super team back then crushed Origen in just 18 minutes and 31 seconds. G2's support and mid-laner were also part of the team back then and it felt like a trip down memory lane.

Asides G2, SK also created LEC history back in 2019 with a 20 minutes and 19 seconds game against Vitality to keep their playoffs alive. Additionally, G2 were also part of the third fastest game in 2019 after taking down Fnatic in the 2019 spring split in 20 minutes and 25 seconds.

While it may be hard for G2 to replicate the same performance in their next game against an in-form Vitality, they look set to break more records this season if they keep dominating games.