G2 pulls out the Anivia trump card; hands EG first loss at MSI 2022 cover image

G2 pulls out the Anivia trump card; hands EG first loss at MSI 2022

G2 shut down EG and ORDER and finish day 1 of MSI undefeated.

The first of many series between North America and Europe ended in the latter's favour with G2 Esports taking the win over Evil Genuises. After shutting down ORDER in their first game of MSI 2022, G2 immediately faced EG to round the day off.

How G2 handed EG their first loss at MSI

G2 esports at MSI 2022. Image Credit: Riot Games.
G2 esports at MSI 2022. Image Credit: Riot Games.

Both teams decided to switch things up in the draft with bans on Lucian, Wukong, Xayah and Ahri. EG's Kyle "Danny" Sakamaki brought out his Samira for the game, hoping to catch the G2 bot lane off guard. However, they responded well with a Zeri on Victor "Flakked" Lilora

Furthermore, G2 shocked everyone at MSI with the Aniva pick for Rasmus "caPs" Winther in draft selection. The midlaner had only played the champion once in his career and lost on it. However, it turned out to be a perfect answer to EG's composition.

G2 started the game off with control of the map and also objectives. Although their early invade did not result in a kill, it put pressure on EG's Danny The team struggled to find an answer for caPs Aniva as well as the Pyke roams from Raphaël "Targamas" Crabbé. G2 constantly made sure they pressured EG's mid lane and this strategy worked out well for them.

The map control and the two Umbral Glaives on G2 allowed them to easily secure the first baron in just 21 minutes. Even though EG managed to punish Segen "Broken Blade" Çelik and take an inhibitor, it did not matter as G2 picked up the dragon soul and second Baron. G2 marched down the mid lane with a 10,000 gold lead and baron empowered minions to end the game.

Group C still open for all teams

While G2 currently sit at the top of Group C with a 2-0 lead, it is still an open race with three games left for all sides to play. Moreover, G2's close game against ORDER earlier shows that NA and EU cannot afford to underestimate the Oceania representatives at MSI 2022.

Group C action continues tomorrow with EG facing G2 in a rematch at 1 a.m. PT

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