G2 sit at top of the table with Excel after 5 games played in LEC Summer Split.

G2 Esports end the second week of the LEC with a dominant win against Team Vitality to remain top of the LEC standings. Both teams faced defeats in their previous matches and needed a win to bounce back quickly. G2’s Rasmus “caPs” Winther said in a post-match interview that the current Split is a lot tougher than the last.

While G2 were the favourites coming into the series, their loss against ninth-placed BDS put some question marks on them. However, they’ve quickly answered those questions with their performance against Vitality.

Despite retaining their status as the best team in the LEC so far, G2’s Rasmus “caPs” Winther believes that the summer split is tougher than ever.

“We won the spring, so I can understand we’re still like the team to beat. But at the same time we saw yesterday we can lose to BDS, we can lose to everyone. So all the teams in Europe have their own strengths and can be really good on the day.

We will have to bring our A-game if we want to win every game. The LEC is more competitive than the last split and even some of the previous splits I played in. The battle for worlds is going to be pretty interesting and I feel like there is a lot of teams that can take it when usually is not that many.”

G2’s caPs post-game interview

G2’s LEC record after Week 1 and 2


Reflecting back on BDS loss

Team BDS stunned G2 with a huge upset to win on Saturday, ending their win streak in the LEC. The loss came as a surprise for many fans as BDS failed to pick up a single win in week one against much easier teams.

“It was kind of a disaster, I was dying a lot in the early game especially,” caPs said. “We kind of came up back but it wasn’t enough to close it.”

His teammate, Victor “Flakked” Lirola also made some comments on the loss during the LEC PGL show.

There were many issues in the game I think we didn’t have the best draft but the game was completely playable. We just made too many mistakes in every single lane, it was a pretty painful loss. Today we came back very stronger.


The LEC resumes on July 1st with Misfits versus BDS as the opener at 12pm ET.

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