In an interesting turn of events, renowned ADC Carl Martin Erik “Rekkles” Larsson told his stream that he paid part of his own buyout to play on Fnatic for the 2023 season.

When fans heard about Carl Martin Erik "Rekkles'" Larsson's return to the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) for 2023 season, few could have anticipated that part of his move back to the LEC would be due to him paying 50% of his buyout himself.

"KCorp were nice enough to drop 50% of the buyout," Rekkles said. "And I paid the other 50% myself, so we figured it out."

What is Rekkles’ history with Fnatic?

Fnatic and Rekkles became synonymous for the number of titles. Rekkles originally began playing on Fnatic in 2012, but he only remained there for the short time of just over a month.

But in his five consecutive years with the team between May 2015 and November 2020, Rekkles became a core and famous part of the team. During this time period, he won numerous LEC splits and placed second at Worlds 2018. He also won numerous European MVPs and got featured multiple times on the LEC’s All-Pro Team.

Oh, and he has a few pentakills ⁠— 10 pentakills to be exact. His most recent one was in 2022 when he played for French team Karmine Corp.

Why did Rekkles pay for his own buyout?

Although it's unusual to hear of a player paying for part of their own buyout, in the case of Rekkles, it makes a lot of sense. Rekkles left Fnatic in 2020 to join G2 Esports’ super roster for 2021 – which did not last. After his time with G2 Esports, he ended up playing in the La Ligue Française (LFL), which is the French European Regional League (ERL).

So the fact that he was willing to pay part of his own buyout to rejoin a team that he has so much history with is not all that surprising. His contract with Fnatic will now go on until 2024.

Will he remain with Fnatic moving forward?

Despite speculation around the Fnatic roster following a less-than-expected Winter Split in the LEC, it appears that Rekkles will remain with Fnatic. However, there have been changes to the LEC team, including a new coach.

To keep supporting Rekkles, make sure to check out his Twitch channel where he streams and talks about his esports life.

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