Following their third game at Worlds 2022, Fnatic’s Razork sat down with us for an exclusive interview.

Fnatic have made an impressive start at Worlds 2022 despite having to deal with COVID-19 problems early on. The LEC third seed sit at the top of their play-in group with a 3-0 lead after the second day.

Following their win against DetonatioN Focus Me at Worlds 2022 Play-Ins, spoke to Fnatic's Jungler Ivan "Razork" Martin Diaz. The player gave his thoughts on the experience so far and the competition at the event.

Razork on Worlds 2022

Congrats on your win today, this is your first Worlds, how's the experience going so far?

Fnatic Razork: "I mean, the experience is going a bit wild because we had a lot of issues. But overall, I'm pretty happy with the team's performance and the resilience that we showed. Even though we were not in the best conditions, we actually managed to start three -zero."

Yeah, speaking of these issues, how did you handle the COVID-19 issues in a short period of time?

Razork: "I mean, I think you just need to deal deal with it, you have no other option. And even though the setup on the PC was not the greatest, you just push through, and come in to stage, and official matches, it just feels like you're playing another game, because it's so smooth and good FPS. So it's like a boost."

So I just wanted to ask a bit about Rhuckz. I know you guys played for just two games, but what are your thoughts on him as a player?

Razork: "He's a very vocal player. He's very experienced. And I feel like even though without any practice games, and any soloqueue games, he performed out of his mind. We were very good, well synchronized, even though we didn't play a single game together. I'm pretty sure he has a bright future."

You've won three games now and have an edge over EG? How are you feeling about that going into the rest of Play-Ins?

Razork: "I'm feeling pretty confident. I think the team is feeling alright, feeling good. And I feel like we will actually win against everyone if we keep this level. Because I feel like in this games, we didn't show up. As we are as a team kind of we lost the early game like once or twice. I don't know, I think it was once. But we still managed to pull through and we were better in teamfights. So we gotta win."

Speaking of games today you had a tough early game in the first 5-10 minutes but you turned it around, what do you think went wrong in that period?

Razork: "Yeah, I think the enemy jungler read me really good. I think the pink ward that he placed on the brush was really good. That broke our first play and then they counter-played with a gank in bot and that they got a kill. So that's, that's what already a loss. And then we were trying to put a lot of pressure on the Victor with the Leblanc. But they were defending it pretty good. So I guess that's what wasn't very good. But afterwards, we run them down with our comp and we won."

You and EG are the two major region teams in the Group A and most people would say the fight for the spot is between you two. Do you think thats the case?

Razork: "I mean, I think EG is like a great team. Honestly, I think they didn't play very good. And I don't think we also played very good, but we got the win. But I feel like if we keep winning, we should make it out first of all in the group."

So my last question, you've now played against three teams that work is there anything that surprises you about the other teams' junglers?

Razork: "Yeah, but it was from scrim not in any any official game. I think Pyosik [DRX Jungler] was very crazy and very smart jungler. And it surprised me a little bit."

Razork and Fnatic continue their Worlds 2022 campaign against LOUD on October 1st. Stay tuned to for the latest League of Legends news and Worlds 2022 updates.