FlyQuest changes ownership, acquired by Viola Family of NHL’s Florida Panthers fame cover image

FlyQuest changes ownership, acquired by Viola Family of NHL’s Florida Panthers fame


A change in ownership, but exciting things ahead for esports org FlyQuest

Sports owners are no strangers when it comes to investing in esports. The owners of the parent company of NHL’s Florida Panthers, the Viola Family, has acquired FlyQuest. Along with the change in the FlyQuest ownership, the Viola Family also takes control of the org's LCS franchise slot.
“We are excited about the future of the esports industry, and we were drawn to FlyQuest’s culture and commitment to playing for a greater purpose,” said Michael Viola, president of the Viola family office. “We’re thankful to the Edens family, LCS Commissioner Jackie Felling, Riot Games, and FlyQuest CEO Michael Choi for their support and energy throughout this entire process, and we look forward to building on the solid foundation that FlyQuest and their dedicated staff have worked so hard to achieve. We are excited to lead FlyQuest in its next chapter as a mission-driven organization that competes at the highest level both in North America and on the world stage.” 
Previously owned by Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wesley Edens and Fortress Investment Group, FlyQuest was founded on January 6, 2017. The team is popular for its presence in League of Legends, but has also expanded into Super Smash Bros. Melee. 

FlyQuest - Showcase Greatness

“Together, we’re committed to the competitive success of all of our rosters, current and future, and through this partnership, I believe we’ll be able to usher in a new era for FlyQuest, one that furthers our mission of Showcasing Greatness, both competitively and in the way we serve the greater good.”

The FLyQuest Mastercard Booth. Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">FlyQuest</a>
The FLyQuest Mastercard Booth. Image Credit: FlyQuest
FlyQuest’ social media presence consistently highlights its environmental focus. It’s not just the messaging. The esports org has also undertaken several projects to plant trees and with various eco-friendly measures. The theme permeates through their merchandise and their social media presence. 
Earlier this year, Flyquest partnered with Mastercard to announce TreeQuest wherein they would plant trees for in-game goals. At the end of their 2022 season, the TreeQuest campaign has planted 7,777 trees. The team’s League of Legends roster has not fared particularly well this year. It has placed in the bottom half of the table through the various LCS splits.

Earlier this year, the org announced a new CEO, Michael Choi, after the previous CEO, Tricia Sugita stepped down to join Cloud9 as their Chief Marketing officer. With the new change in FlyQuest ownership, FlyQuest’s ever-increasing fanbase is eagerly looking forward to what’s next for the eco-friendly org.
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