FlyQuest’s newest Midori Hoodie is an extension to create more environmentally friendly clothing in esports.

FlyQuest is celebrating National Recycling Day by making a shift to create ONLY environmental conscious and eco-friendly apparel, starting with the FlyQuest Midori Hoodie.

Their commitment is an extension of FlyQuest’s efforts for sustainability, first starting with their esports jerseys, making them 25% recycled/sustainable material. Now, their newest collection is taking their campaign to the next step.

All future FlyQuest merchandise will now be made from 25% or more recycled and sustainable materials. And to start it all off, FlyQuest is beginning this new shift by introducing the Midori Hoodie.

FlyQuest Midori Hoodie

The Midori Hoodie is FlyQuest’s newest merchandise drop and is made of 60% recycled cotton and 40% post-consumer polyester. FlyQuests new Midori Hoodie, featuring bright green and white flower prints across the sleeves, is 100% recyclable, alongside their recent Fall Beanie.

A picture of the FlyQuest Midori Hoodie. Image via FlyQuest.
The actual designs of the new FlyQuest Midori Hoodie feature flower prints along the sleeves.

If you are interested in FlyQuest’s newest eco-friendly Midori Hoodie, you will receive a 15% discount on other Eco Collection items at checkout.

FlyQuest encourages others to recycle

Flyquest has held a spot in the LCS since 2017 and became a permanent partner in the league in 2018. Since then, the organization has steadily grown into a household name in the LCS for its ongoing #GoGreen campaign to promote sustainability for the environment.

FlyQuest pictured right before an LCS match during the 2021 LCS season.

Now, they are looking to take their campaign a leap forward with their new initiative to only create eco-friendly apparel from now on.

“One of the proudest things I have ever been a part of is launching our Go Green Initiative in 2020 to Showcase Greatness. It represents our commitment to life, growth, and the environment and it’s been our North Star for every Quest we’ve launched. We take these steps not only to protect our planet but also to allow ourselves to be inspired by its beauty and grace. Our commitment grows stronger today with our shift to recyclable and sustainable materials and serves as a reminder that it’s always possible to make a permanent change for the better.” — Tricia Sugita, CEO of FlyQuest.

Through the initiative, FlyQuest aims to encourage its community to help make an impact for National Recycling Day. This can be done by seeking out information on clothing purchases, repairing damaged clothing, donating old clothing, and buying secondhand clothing.

FlyQuest will fully look to phase out any non-eco-friendly merchandise they contain by the end of 2021 and strengthen their Go Green initiative.

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