FLY Johnsun: “The top two teams for me are 100 Thieves and Cloud9” cover image

FLY Johnsun: “The top two teams for me are 100 Thieves and Cloud9”

FlyQuest fell to Golden Guardians in Week 2 of LCS. We sit down with FLY Johnsun to reflect on what went wrong and what needs improvement.

FlyQuest went 1-2 in the second week of LCS Summer split after going 2-1 in week 1. Their last game of the week against Golden Guardians was more one-sided than anyone expected and the team was unable to get in any form of real lead. Golden Guardians did a tremendous job at choking them out and closed out the game relatively quickly in 26 minutes.

Of course, from the outside it looks like a loss, but there is no doubt FlyQuest showed promise. The 8th placed team is looking to secure its playoffs spot and games like these might cost them. We got the opportunity to sit down with FLY Johnsun, the roster's ADC, to reflect on the game, what went wrong and what could they potentially improve going into week 3.

Question: Do you feel your team composition going into the game against Team Liquid lacked damage? You basically played with Volibear, Gnar, and Tahm Kench. Akali not being ahead of Lee Sin didn't help either.

FLY Johnsun: I think with our composition was kind of solid actually regardless of the outcome. The problem was mainly how the game was progressing. We were not given as much gold income with respect to the enemy team. At point I recall looking at Palafox's Akali and he is at one and a half items. On the other side, Lee Sin was at two items already.

I just think we missed a lot of plays with like the Herald situation and how we picked our fights during the early game. When it came to the mid game team fights, we just played bad and then they just rolled it into a big lead. One of them was the dragon fight for sure.

Question: Which fight did you come out of and realized the game's momentum was flipped in their favor?

FLY Johnsun: I would say the dragon fight flipped the game, I guess. Because we secured the dragon, but we didn't execute the play afterwards and then they ran us down one by one. I don't think we killed anyone. And then, I mean, four people died, From that point, they got other objectives on the map because towers were still up in some lanes. At that point, we were relatively too behind to get back into the game. If I had to pinpoint one fight, I would choose that one.

Question: Do you believe this composition would work in another game?

FLY Johnsun: I believe so, yes. We just didn't play to our strengths like we should have.

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Question: Ezreal and Rakan are naturally a very aggressive bottom lane. How much trouble did they give you considering you picked Senna and Tahm Kench into them? Usually you would like to sit back and farm souls while the others are always looking for dangerous plays.

FlyQuest Johnsun: I think when you play a Senna-Tahm Kench side, you are comfortable playing into any matchup, unless it is a double ranged or something like that. We lose in situations like these when we basically go up to auto attack range. That is why you probably are starting to see ranged supports getting banned, opening the lane to Senna and Tahm Kench to be picked.

For Ezreal and Rakan in this game specifically, Golden Guardians picked it as they scale freely as the game gets longer without even doing anything proactive. I remember by my second base, I was like I can gather free souls on these guys 1v2. All they can do is really try and Q me. But the wave will be in the way because of Senna's extra range she gets from the souls. I think it was just the same, I guess, same type of playstyle or the game at least.

Question: Which from the teams above you in the standings are you confident you are capable to beat?

FlyQuest Johnsun: Generally, we're trying to beat anyone above us. But as much as I want to say we're a better team than these teams so far but we're struggling too. I'll say like the guaranteed teams that will end up in the top two for me personally are 100 Thieves and Cloud9. I think both are the top solid teams in the LCS at the moment. Then comes after that TSM, who are like struggling in their own aspects.

So like once you take out the top two, everyone after that till the 8th place are debatable in their order. It depends on which team we versed and I called to play on that day or for all something good. There is Immortals, TSM, Dignitas, Evil Geniuses. I believe we could potentially try to string a few wins together to push our standings and come up from where we are at the moment in 8th.

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