Faker makes it 4 as T1 sweeps WBG in the Worlds 2023 Finals cover image

Faker makes it 4 as T1 sweeps WBG in the Worlds 2023 Finals

Faker and T1 have secured victory in the finals of Worlds 2023. The win marks four Worlds victories for Faker and T1.

T1 has defeated Weibo Gaming 3-0 to secure victory in the League of Legends 2023 World Final, sweeping their opponents in a trio of straight games. The South Korean powerhouse, T1, along with superstar veteran Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, raised the trophy after defeating China’s Weibo Gaming, early in the morning of Sunday, Nov. 19.

T1 came out swinging, and quickly racked up a pair of decisive wins. By game three, many on social media had already crowned T1 the champion. 

But even so, Faker decided to treat fans to a clinic on Akali, utilizing the ninja assassin to show that despite being now the oldest player ever to win Worlds, he was still the “Unkillable Demon King” as Korean fans have dubbed him.

T1 wins the Worlds 2023 Final

As T1 secured victory, the Gocheok Sky Dome stadium in Seoul exploded, with the sell-out crowd of over 18,000 celebrating the milestone: T1 had won four world championships. It makes them the only organization to have won four Worlds, and Faker the only player to claim the same.

It comes as a relief for T1, who last year found themselves defeated in the finals by fellow Korean team DRX. Observers worried that it had been Faker’s last chance to secure another Worlds victory.

This year, Faker and T1 were able to secure victory on Korean soil - A huge achievement for a team.

In 2024, the World Championship Finals will head to London, England. Many fans will be hoping for another chance to see Faker and T1 in action. However, with a seemingly unsurmountable record, and more accolades than any other in the game, some question whether this might have been the final Worlds run for the veteran.

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